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1. Biochemical And Molecular Mechanisms Of Oxidative Metabolism For Pyrethroid Resistance In Helicoverpa Armigera (Hübner)
2. Cloning And Study The Transcription Of Bmtra-2 Gene And The Location Of Bmtpi Gene On Z-Chromosome Using Silkworm (Bombyx Mori) Est Database
3. Insecticide Resistance In The Common Cutworm, Spodoptera Litura (Fabricius) And The Possible Mechanisms
4. Analyses Of The Floral Organ Morphogenesis And The Differentially Expressed Genes Of An Apetalous Flower Mutant Apet33-10 In Brassica Napus
5. Molecular Characterization, Quantitative Analysis And Bacterial Expression Of Pheromone Reception Related Proteins In Spodoptera Exigua Hübner And Spodoptera Litura (Fabricius)
6. Cloning And Tissue Expression Analysis Of GalAT And UGlcAE Genes In Ramie (Boehmeria Ivea (Linn.) Gaud.)
7. Screening, Identification And Characterization Of Infection Related Factors Of Streptococcus Suis Serotype 2
8. Differential Expression Profiling And Relative Quantification Of Egg-laying Genes In The Ovaries Of Zi Geese
9. Isolation And Identification Of Differentially Expressed Gene In Liver Of Goose & Study On The Effects Of Tea Polyphenols On Anti-oxidation Capability Of Overfeeding Landes
10. Sequence And Function Analysis Of Peroxidase In Tamarix Hispida
11. Study On Technique For Evaluating Predation On Planthoppers In Rice Ecosystem
12. Isolation And Expression Analysis Of DNA Methyltransferase Genes In Strawberry And Apple
13. Cloning And Expression Of CDC48 And GPX Genes In The Process Of Somatic Embryogenesis In Dimocarpus Longan Lour.
14. Comparison Of Photothermal Responses Among Different Ecotypes Of Soybean In China And The Analysis Of GmFT Gene Expression
15. Study On Cloning And Expression Of BMPR-IB, FSHβ Gene And Differentially Expressed Genes Of Ovary In Mongolian Sheep
16. Research Of Molecular Diagnosis And Immunity Of Clostridium Perfringens
17. Studies On Target Resistance Of Chilo Suppressalis Walker To Triazophos
18. Study Of L-gulono-1, 4-lactone Oxidase (GLO) Of Abalone (Haliotis Discus Hannai Ino.)
19. Development Of Multiplex SYBR Green Ⅰ-Based Real-Time PCR Assay For Detection Of Porcine Pseudorabies, Parvovirus And Circovirus Type 2
20. CDNA Cloning And Expression Of The Genes Involving In Oogenesis And Embryo Development In Macrobrachium Nipponense
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