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1. Studies On The Bioactivity And Culture Of Bacterial Symbiont Of Entomopathogenic Nematodes
2. Studies On The Intracellular Bacterial Symbionts Of Black Bean Aphid, Aphis Craccivora
3. Biological And Physiological Characteristics Of Elymus Dahuricus/Neotyphodium Endophyte Symbiont
4. Research On The Symbiotic Relationship Between Trichoderma And Rice
5. Effect And Mechanism Of Endosymbiots On Formation And Development Of Bemsia Tabaci
6. A Preliminary Study Of The Mariner Transposable Element In Nilaparvata Lugens,Sogatella Furcifera And Laodelphax Striatellus
7. Studies On The Effects Of Diets And Yeast-Like Symbionts On Cigarette Beetle And The Control Techniques Of Cigarette Beetle
8. Isolation And Identification Of Insertion Sequences In The Symbiont Wolbachia Of Rice Water Weevil
9. Erogot Alkaloids In Symbiont Of Achnatherum Inebrians And Neotyphodium Gansuense
10. Effect Of Achatherum Inebrians/Neotyphodium Endophyte Symbiont On Small Tailed Han Sheep
11. Am Fungi - Chemotaxis The Amorpha Symbiont Caused Rhizobia And Nod Factor-induced,
12. Response Of Achnatherum Inebrians/Neotyphodium Gansuense Symbiont To Stresses And Secondary Metabolites Activities
13. Collaborative Damage Effect Of The Invasive Sirex Noctilio And Its Fungal Symbiont Amylostereum Areolatum On Host Tree
14. Disease Resistance Of Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium Perenne)-Epichloefestucae Var.Lolii Endophyte Symbiont And Their Resistance Mechanism To Bipolaris Sorokiniana
15. The Genomic Analysis Reveals The Symbiotic Relationship Between The Brown Planthopper And Its Endosymbionts
16. The Ecological Mechanism Of Secondary Symbiont Hamiltonellain The Transmission Of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus By Bemisia Tabaci Biotype Q
17. Role Of Symbionts In Using Nitrogen Nutritions Of Host Plants And Defensing Against Stresses: A Case Study For Myzus Persicae
18. Research On The Resistance And Response To Oxidative Stress Of Tall Fescue-endophyte Symbiont
19. The Role Of Secondary Symbiont Hamiltonella In The Transmission Of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus By Bemisia Tabaci Biotype Q
20. Diversity Of Gut Bacteria In Larval Of Four Lepidopteran Insect Species
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