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1. Genetic Diversity Of Germplasm Resources On Phaseolus Vulgaris
2. Study On Genetic Diversity Of Natural Populations In Quercus Mongolica
3. Allozyme Analysis Of Genetic Diversity, Interspecific Relationship And Cultivar Identification In Genus Eriobotrya
4. Study On Genetic Diversity Of Alfalfa(Medicago Sativa L.) Germplasm In China
5. Study On Genetic Diversity And Origin Of Populus Tomentosa Carr.
6. Study On Genetic Diversity Of Caragana Korshinskii Kom.
7. Genetic Diversity Of Germplasm Resources Of Agropyron Cristatum In Inner Mongolia
8. Studies On Genetic Structure And Genetic Diversity In Provenances Of Black Locust (Robinia Pseudoacacia L.) In China
9. MAP-Based Analysis Of Polymorphism Of Chinese Rice Genetic Resources Detected By SSRs (Microsatelites)
10. Genetic Diversity Of Some Species Of Dendrolimus (Lepidoptera) And The Influence Of Environmental Factors
11. Genetic Diversity Of Germplasm Resources On Soybean
12. Research Of Sensitivity Of Cold Resistance, Genetic Variation In Different Generations Of S. Perfoliatum
13. Study On Green Foxtail Diversity And Gene Flow Of Foxtail Millet(Setaria Italica (L.) Beauv) Resistance To Herbicide
14. Study On Phylogenetic Relationship Between Wild Japanese Quails In The Weishan Lake Area And Domestic Quails
15. Research On The Host Specificity Of Phytophthora Infestans
16. Studies On The Genetic Diversity Of The Registered Alfalfa Varieties (Medicago L.) In China
17. Study On Intraspecies Genetic Diversity In Seabuckthorn
18. Population Genetic Structure Of Oxya Chinensis From Northern China And The Relationship Among Allozyme Genotypes And Malathion Acute Toxicity
19. The Genetic Diversity Of Farmed Mandarin Fish (Siniperca Chuatsi Baslesky) Stocks In Guangdong & Hunan, China
20. Genetic Diversity Of Picea Crassfolia
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