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1. Studied On K Utilization In Purple Soil-wheat System Under Long-term Application
2. The Coupling Relationship Between The Sediment Yield From Rainfall Erosion And The Topographic Feature Of The Watershed
3. Studies On Design And Analysis Of Orthogonale Experiment With Null Ratio Factor And Tissue Culture,Plant Regeneration In Sweet Potato(Ipomoea Batatas(L.) Lam.)
4. Research On Key Issues In The Development Of Sugarcane Harvester Based On Visual Virtual Design Technology
5. Characteristics Of Nutrient Cycling In The Rice-wheat Rotation System
6. Experimental Study On Soil Wind Erosion With Conservation Tillage Treatment
7. Studies On Microbial Fertilizer And Microecological Effects
8. Study On Phosphorus Accumulation And Leaching In Loess Soil Under Long-term Fertilization Condition
9. Bacterial Expression Of Porcine Circovirus Type 2 Genes And Preparation Of Monoclonal Antibody And Animal Experiment With Infectious Molecular Clone
10. Theoretical And Experimental Investigation On Thermophysical Problems In Resources-Environment-Plant System
11. Design Of Fractal Flow Path For Emitters And Experiment Study And Modeling On Its Fluid Mechanism
12. Mechanism Of Soil N Supply In Paddy Soil And Reaching Optimal N Application For Rice
13. Remote Sensing Method Of Pure Crop Pixel Identification & Planting Area Estimation Based On Spectral Library
14. An Experimental Study On The Construction Of Three Agricultural Eco-Engineering Patterns And Their Applied Techniques
15. Structure Optimization And Discharge Calculation Method Of New Type Flume For Flow Measurement In Irrigation District
16. Research Of Theory And Experiment On Air Suction Seed-metering Device For Direct Drilling Of Rice Bud-sowing
17. On Preparation, Action Mechanism And Application Of Cold Resistant Seed-Coating Agents Of Rice
18. Study Of Theory And Experiment Of Optical Fiber Measurment System For Pesticide Residues Based On Fluorescence Mechanism
19. Charicteristics And Availability Of Inorganic Phosphate Fractions In Calcareous Soils Under Long-Term Fertilization
20. Soil Water And Nitrogen Transport Characteristics Experiment Andsimulation Under Film Hole Infiltration
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