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1. Study On Relative Genes And Main Behavior Traits Of Dog
2. Simulation Analysis For Water Transforming Based On Field Test For GSPAC System In Dune-Meadow-Dune Area In Horqin Sand
3. The Study Of The Extraction, Identification And Application Of Sex Pheromone Produced By Apolygus Lucorum
4. Study On The Pathogen Of Faba Bean Fusarium Wilt And Their Control In Changshu Of Jiangsu Province
5. Primary Research On Semiochemicals Of Ips Subelongatus M.
6. Studies On Selection And Mechanisms Of Beneficial Endophytic Bacteria In Grape
7. Study On Evaporation By Field Test And Numerical Simulation In The YinChuan Plain
8. The Application Study Of Discover Teaching In The Field Test And Biological Statistics
9. Study On The Biological Characteristics Of Alternaria Alternata Japanese Pear Pathotype And Its Bio-Chemical Control Technique
10. Research And Develop Field Test Data Acquisition & Analysis System For Large Pumping Station Based On VI
11. Study On Forecast And Prevention Of Soil And Water Loss Of Expressway In Sichuan Mountian Area
12. The Effects Of Salt Stress Of Medicago Varia No.3
13. Establisment SSR Fingerprinting Database Of Brassica Napus L. And Improvement Of Self-Incompatibility Lines With Microspore Culture
14. Development Of 20% Chlorpyrifos Micro-emulsion With Chenopodium Ambrosioides Essential Oil As Auxiliary
15. Multi-signal Processing Method Research Of Combine Harvester Load Feedback System
16. Study On A Quick Method To Determine The Contents Of Nitrogen And Phosphorus And Nutrition Characteristic In Fresh Rice
17. Field Test And Simulation In Freeze-thaw Period For Transfer Of Soil Water And Heat In Dune Alternated With Meadow Area In Horqin Sand
18. Design Of All-round Adjustable Deep Loosening Machine
19. Study On The Effect Of The Wind And The Light To The Soil Moisture Evaporation And Moist-locking Measures
20. Development Of Light-duty Paddy Planter
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