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1. Study On Basic Of Biology And Applied Technology For Controlling Maruca Vitrata (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) By Sex Pheromone
2. The Preliminary Trapping Test Of Rubber Borers By Aggregation Pheromone In Rubber Plantation
3. Binding Characterization Of Odorant-binding Protein Mmed OBP8 In The Microplitis Mediator And The Taxis Response Authentication
4. Studies On The Sex Pheromone Of Chinese Citrus Fly,Bactrocera Minax
5. Basic Research On Biology And Sex Pheromone For Paleacrita Vernata
6. Behavioral Responses Of Female Isoceras Sibirica To Volatiles Of Asparagus Officinalis
7. Studies On Reproduction Behavior And The Biology Characteristics And Application Of Sex Pheromones Of Lymantria Dispar Asiatica
8. Research On The Oviposition Preference Of Callosobruchus Chinensis And The Field Trapping Effect Of Mung Bean Pod Volatiles
9. Screening And Application Of Attractant And Its Binding Characteristics With Olfactory Proteins Of Holotrichia Parallela
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