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1. Accumulation And Translocation Of Potassium In Flue-cured Tobacco
2. Effects Of Low-temperature On The Growth And Development Of Flue-cured Tobacco And Their Regulation
3. Effects Of Nitrogen On The Growth And Quality Of Flue-cured Tobacco
4. Characters Of Dry Matter And Potassium Accumulation Of Flue-cured Tobacco After Decapitation And Its Regulatory Measurement In Yunnan
5. The Effects Of Organic Nutrients Of Cake Fertilizers On Soil Biochemistry Properties And Flue-cured Tobacco Qualities
6. Sources Of Nicotine-N And Effects Of Nitrogen Supply On Growth, Nitrogen Uptake, Nicotine Contents In Nicotiana Tabacum Plants
7. Genetic Analysis For Agronomical Traits And Chemical Constituents In The Flue-cured Tobacco (Nicotiana Tobacum)
8. Studies On Regulation Mechanism Of Chemicals And Reducing Techniques To Flue-cured Tobacco Nicotine Content
9. Effect Of Drought Stress On Nutrition And Yield And Quality Of Flue-cured Tobacco And Their Regulation
10. Research On Characters Of Heavy Metals In Flue-cured Tobacco Using Artificial Neural Network
11. Studies On The Chiefly Fragrant Precursor Of The Flue-cured Tobacco In China
12. Resistance Monitoring And Mechanism Of Tobacco Aphids To Insecticides
13. Relationship Between Nutrition Environment And Tobacco Leaf's Quality In Tobacco-growing Regions Of Guizhou
14. Effects Of Cake Fertilizer On The Dynamic Changes Of Plastid Pigments And The Quality Formation During Growth And Physiological Mechanism In Tobacco
15. Effects Of Soil And Nitrogen On Nitrogen Absorption, Distribution And Quality Of Flue-cured Tobacco
16. Study On The Biology And Qualitative Characteristics Of Flue-cured Tobacco Leaves During The Growth And Development
17. Effects Of Cd And Pb Pollution On Physiological Character, Growth And Development Of Flue-cured Tobacco
18. Genetic Studies On Heterosis Of Flue-cured Tobacco Ms-hybrids
19. The Regional Characteristic And Correlation Of Evaluating Quality Indexes Of Flue-cured Tobacco In Hunan
20. Arsenic Toxicity To Metabolism Of Carbon And Nitrogen In Flue-Cured Tobacco And Toxicity-Alleviating Effects Of Iron And Fulvic Acid
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