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1. Study On Foraging Behavior And Baiting System For Odontotermes Formosanus (Isoptera: Termitidae)
2. Study On The Foraging Behavior And Baiting System Of Toxic Bait For Solenopsis Invcita Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
3. Approaches To The Diet Selection Behavior Of Grazing Sheep
4. Studies On The Spring's Spider Diversity In The Vegetable Fields Of Jingzhou And The Foraging Behavior Of Advantage Grows
5. Effects Of Nourishment And Fecundity On The Main Metabolite Concentrations Of Campoletis Chorideae Uchida
6. Effects Of Species Diversity In Leymus Chinensis Community On Foraging Behavior Of Sheep
7. Effects Of Plant Spatial Distribution On Foraging Behavior Of Sheep
8. Effects Of Plant Secondary Metabolites (Flavone) On Foraging Behavior Of Sheep
9. Research On Adaptability And Foraging Behavior Of Different Afforestation Species To Soil Nutrient Heterogeneity
10. Effects Of Volatile Organic Compounds From Artemisia Frigida Wild. On Intake Mass Of Domestic Animals
11. Foraging Behaviors Of Meteorus Pulchricornis For Spodoptera Exigua Larvae
12. Effects Of Plant Diversity On Foraging Behavior Of Large Herbivore With Different Body Size On Songnen Grasslands
13. Foraging Behavior Of Great Spotted Woodpecker In Patch Environment
14. Preliminary Study Of Foraging Behavior And Reproductive Biology Of The Sea Star Asterias Amurensis
15. The Interactions Between Foraging Of Large Herbivore With Different Body Size And Songnen Grassland Vegetation Characteristics
16. Molecular Detection, Prevalence And Transmission Of Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus And Its Effects On Honey Bee Behaviors
17. A Primary Study On Foraging Spatial Heterogeneity Of Large Herbivore
18. Effects Of Supplementary Food And Host Density On Foraging Behaviour And Functional Responses Of Meteorus Pulchricornis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
19. A Preliminary Study Of Host Foraging And Dispersal Behaviors Of Meteorus Pulchricornis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
20. Artificial Rearing Grus Japonensis Wintering Behavior Research In Zhalong Nature Reserve
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