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1. Improving The Resistance Of Some Important Vegetables To Insects By Genetic Engineering
2. Relationship Between PVY CP Gene Induced Resistance And Transgene Integration And Resistance Transmission
3. RNA Mediated Transgenic Resistance To Potato Virus Y By Transforming Tabacco With The CP Gene Segments And Inverted Repeats
4. Analysis For The Mechanisms Of Resistance Mediated By Virus Genes And Development Of Transgenic Watermelon Resistant To Virus Infection
5. Molecular Mechanism Of Pathogenicity Of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl China Virus And Viral Satellite DNA Induced Gene Silencing
6. Studies On Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation Of Carnation With ACC Oxidase Gene
7. Establishment Of Virus-induced Gene Silencing System And Functional Analysis Of LeEIN2 Gene In Tomato
8. Regulation Of The Hypersensitive Response Mediated By Tomato Cf-4 And Cf-9 Genes And Improvement Of The Gene Silencing Technique
9. Pathogenicity And Stability Of βC1 Truncated DNAβ Molecules Associated With Geminiviruses And Application Of Truncated DNAβ Molecules
10. Cloning And Functional Analysis Of Genes Involved In Signal Transduction In The Tomato Cf-4/Avr4 Pathosystem
11. Isolation Of Defense Genes Induced By Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus And Aphid And Establishment Of Gene Silencing System In Wheat
12. Optimization Of The System Of Virus-induced Gene Silencing And Function Analysis Of Tobacco (N. Benthamiana) DHS
13. Silencing And Functional Analysis Of NtFAD2 Gene From Tobacco
14. Influence Lycopene Content Through Lcy Gene Silencing Mediated By RNAi
15. Molecular Dissection Of The Events Occurred During Phytophthora Sojae Early Infection Of Soybean
16. Molecular Mechanism Of The Resistance To Tomato Leaf Mould Disease And The Establishment Of A Technique System To Isolate Resistance-related Genes
17. A Study On The GA20-oxidase Gene Silencing Induced Dwarfism Of Plant
18. Screening And Identification Of Genes Involved In Regulation Of Tomato Cf-4- And Cf-9-dependent Hypersensitive Response
19. Establishment Of Virus Induced Gene Silencing Using Geminivirus DNA1 Molecule And Its Application
20. Genetic Diversity Of Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid (PSTVd) And Its Induced Gene Silencing
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