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1. Simulation Study On The Alkalinized-salinized Grasslands In The Songnen Plain, China
2. Range Site Division And Range Health Assessment In Xilin River Watershed
3. Study On Carbon And Nitrogen Distribution Pattern And Cycling Process In An Alpine Meadow Ecosystem Under Different Grazing Intensity
4. The Influence Of Grazing Intensity On The Hydrological Effects Of Stipa Grandis Steppe
5. Effects Of Grazing On Soil Physical Chemistry Characteristics And Microbes At Loess Plateau, China
6. The Study On Tolerance To Simulated Herbivory In Leymus Chinensis On Songnen Plain
7. Influences Of Grazing Intensities And Management Regimes On Soil N Mineralization And Litter Decomposition In Inner Mongolia Typical Steppe
8. Response Of Soil Nitrifying Bacteria Population Size And Nitrification To Sheep Grazing Intensity In Steppe Of Eastern Gansu Province
9. Studies On The Effects Of Grazing Intensity On Vwgetation And Soil In Alpine Meadow On The Eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
10. Reproductive Allocation Of Two Clonal Plants:the Influence Of Grazing,Fertilization And Light
11. Reseach On The Effect Of The Plant Of Desert Grassland On Different Grazing Intensity
12. Studies On Effects On Productivity Of Tan Sheep Under Different Grazing Intensity
13. Assessment On Landscape Pattern Of The Change Of Land-Cover And The Esdimation Of Aboveground Biomass In Baiyinxile Ranch, Inner Mongolia, China
14. Research On Dynamic Changes Of Soil Microorganisms, Soil Enzymes And Soil Nutrition In Different Grazing Intensities In Stipa Breviflora Desert Steppe Of Inner Mongolia
15. Effect Of Different Grazing Intensities On Vegetation And Goat Liveweight In Reaumuria Soongorica Of Steppe Desert
16. Assessment Of Ecosystem Services In Leymus Chinensis Typical Steppe Under Different Grazing Intensities
17. Study On The Effect Of The Plant Community And Soil Nutrient Of Alpine Grassland On Yak Grazing Intensity
18. Spatial Patterns Of Soil Nutrients And Their Response To Grazing Disturbance Over The Songnen Meadow Steppes Of NE China
19. Effect Of Grazing On Community Characteristics, Soil Properties And Species Diversity Of Stipa Baicalensis Steppe
20. Study On Relationships Between Soil Microorganism And Fertilities Under Different Grazing Intensities In Meadow Steppe Of Inner Mongolia
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