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1. Study Malate Dehydrogenase II Alleles And Combining Ability And Heterosis Of Western Honeybee (Apis MelliferaL.)
2. Cloning And Expression Of Melittin Genes From 2 Honeybee Species And 4 Vespoidea Species
3. Cloning And Expression Of The Venom Genes Encoding Secapin, Apamin, MCDP And Ag5 From Honeybee And Vespoidea Species
4. Mirosatellite DNA And Quantitative Genetics Analysis Of Royal Jelly Producing Traits Of Western Honeybee
5. Establishing The Genetic Transformation System Of Tremella Fuciformis And Applying To Transformation Three Quality Character Genes
6. Proteomic Analysis Of Honeybee Worker (Apis Mellifera L.) Hypopharyngeal Gland Development
7. Proteomic Analysis On Worker Pupal Head Development Of Italian Honeybee (Apis Mellifera L.)
8. Reproductive Sharing In Honeybee Colonies
9. Risk Assessment Of Bt Cry1Ah Gene Corn On Honeybee
10. Screening And Study Of Gene Markers Correlated To West Honeybee Susceptible To Chalkbrood Disease By RAPD
11. Studies On The Relationships Between Sex Hormone, Gonadotropin And Honey Bee Reproductive Development
12. Studies On The Function And Activation Of Honeybee Drone Larvae
13. Population Diversity Of Honeybee Apis Cerana In China
14. Identification Of Pathogenic Bacterium Causing A Novel Honeybee Larvae Disease And Drug Selection
15. Construction Of CDNA Library From Apis Cerana Venom Gland And Analysis Of Expressed Sequence Tag(EST)
16. Comparative Analysis Of The Proteome Of The Worker Eggs Of The Higher Royal Jelly Producing Bees (Apis Mellifera L.) And Italian Bees (Apis Mellifera L.)
17. The Effect Of The Temperature Of 24℃ On Developmental Periods And The Hatching Rate Of Honeybee Eggs
18. Morphometric Characteristics And Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphisms Of Honeybee (Apis Mellifera And Apis Cerana) In The Northwestern Of China
19. The Effect Of Temperature On The Development Of Honeybee's Sealed Brood
20. Effects Of Drug Use In Honeybee Colony On Drug Residues In Honey
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