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1. Molecular Biology Of Rice Black Streaked Dwarf Fijivirus
2. Study On Index System And Genetic Characteristics Of Drought Resistance Identification In Maize
3. Construction Of The Molecular Linkage Ma And QTL Mapping Of Quantitative Traits In Maize
4. QTL Analyses Of Resistance To A Leaf Spot Disease Caused By Curvularia Lunata (Walk.) Boed. And Other Agronomic Traits In Maize
5. A Method For Developing Soil Organic Matter Dynamics Monitoring Model For Cultivated Soil Systems
6. Identification, Detection And Molecular Variability Of Coat Protein Gene Of The Pathogen Of Maize Dwarf Mosaic Disease
7. Maize Production And Utilizing In The Ecotone Between Agriculture And Animal Husbandry In Northeast China And Agricultural Ecosystem Optimization Model
8. Study On The Mechanism Of Hydraulic Lift Of The Alfalfa And Maize
9. Effect Of The Interaction Of Nitrogen And Water On Physiological Characteristic Of Yield And Quality Of Different Types Of Maize (Zay Mays L.)
10. Studies On Difference Of Sulfate Efficiency Among Genotypes And The Influence Of Nitrogen And Sulfate Interaction On Grain Yield And Quality Of Maize (Zay Mays L.)
11. Studies On Effects Of Ecological Factors On Growth Of Maize And Establishment Of Climate Ecology Model And Appraisement System
12. Indentification Of Disease Resistance To Southern Rust And Its Genetic Anaysis, Tagging And Fine Mapping In Maize (Zea Mays L.)
13. Study On Biology Of Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Line GDS In Maize(Zea Mays L.)
14. Effects Of Zinc On Growth,Nutrient Uptake, Physiological Process And Cell Ultrastructure Of Maize(Zea Mays L.)Plants Under Different Soil Moisture Regimes
15. Cloning And Functional Analysis Of Trans-acting Factors Binding To Cis-acting Element ABRE Of Maize Cal 1 Gene
16. Inheritance And Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping Of Resistance To Sugarcane Mosaic Virus In Maize
17. Studies On Yield And Quality Formation And Regulation Of High-Yielding Maize In Cold Region
18. Haploid Breeding And Gene Transformation Of Maize
19. Studies On The Detecting Technique And The Genetic Diversities Of Curvularia Lunata In Maize
20. The Studies On The Effect Of The Soil Physical Properties On The Corn Eco-physiology And Their Regulation
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