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1. The Anti-Viral Activity And Toxicity Of Poly I:C, Preparation And Evaluation Of Poly I:C Microcapsules
2. Study On The Preparation Of Ruminal Protected V_A Microcapsules And The Evaluation Of Its Coating Effects
3. Soybean Water-soluble Polysaccharide Capsule As Phytase-coating Material Applied Research
4. Preparation Of Microcapsules Of Bacillus Subtilis And B. Cereus And Effects On Immunological Function Of Chinese Mitten Crab Eriocheir Sinensis
5. Preparation And Properties Of Benzoyl Urea Pesticide Microcapsules In Sustained Release
6. Study On The Preparation Technology Of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Sustained-release Microcapsules Vaccine
7. Application Technique Of Chlorpyrifos Capsule Suspension Against Peanut White Grub And Toxicity Assessment To Environmental Organisms
8. The Comparative Study Of Performance Properties Of Microcapsules Encapsulated By Urea-formaldehyde And Polyurethane
9. The Development Of Propolis Gum
10. Preparation And Properties Of Hydroxyecdysone Microcapsules By Complex Coacervation
11. The Preparation Of Microcapsuled Tebuconazole Seed Coatings Formulation And Its Safety Mechanism On Maize
12. Preparation Of Diclazuril Enteric Microcapsules And Its Pharmacokinetics In Rabbits
13. Study On The Pharmacokinetics Of Florfenicol,Enrofloxacin & Tilmicosin Microcapsules In Pigs
14. Study On Soil Fumigant Formulations About Horseradish Essential Oils
15. Preparation, Characterization Of Citral Microcapsules And Its Application In Necrotic Enteritis Control Of Poultry
16. Evaluation Of Microencapsulated Probiotics In Vitro Characteristics And Animal Application
17. Studies On The Formulation Of Biocontrol Agents Trichoderma Harzianum T4and Bacillus Subtilis B99-2and Biocontrol In The Green House
18. Study On Preparation And Bioactivity Of Alginate-Chisotan Microcapsules Loaded With Pig Spleen Transfer Factor
19. Preparation Of Antioxidants Compound From Camphor Tree Leaves Polyphenol And Application In Feed Industry
20. The Applications Of Alginate Microcapsules In STO Cells And Sheep Spermatogonial Stem Cells Cryopreservation
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