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1. A Novel Zn-finger Protein As A Virulence Factor In Magnaporthe Grisea
2. Genetically Engineering And Functional Ectopic Expression Of RFCA-RRM2 And OsPDCD5 Genes In Oryza Sativa
3. Investigation On The Molecular Mechanism Of Grain Hardness In Aegilops Species
4. Construction Of Goose Parvovirus VP3 Gene Vaccines And The Preliminary Study On Their Immunogenicities
5. Characterization Of The Functional Domains Among Class II EPSP Synthases And Microarray Analysis Of The Glyphosate Stress Response In Escherichia Coli
6. Cloning And Functional Analysis Of Dwarf Gene Bnrga-ds In Rapeseed (Brassica Napus L.)
7. Genetic Evolution Of Porcine Circovirus Type 2 And Development Of DNA Vaccines Containing CpG Motifs
8. Characterize The Roles Of MiRNAs In Responding To Short-term Waterlogging In Zea Mays. Root
9. Comparison Studies On Transcriptional Regulation Of Donkey Leukocyte Attenuated Equine Infectious Anemia Vaccine Virus And Its Parental Virus
10. Sequence Determination And Analyses Of Complete Genome Segments Of Dendrolimus Punctatus Cytoplasmic Polyhedrosis Virus
11. Primary Studies On The Substitution Of SFX Sequences In B.Mori Silk Fibroin Gene For GAV Motif Of Human α-synuclein Gene
12. Construction Of A Recombinant Plasmid Containing Multi-copy CpG Motifs And Its Immuno-modulating Effects On The Immune Responses Of Aquatic Animals, Fish And Prawn
13. The Responses To Photoperiod Variation And The Clone And Expression Analysis Of EMF-like Gene In Maize
14. Characterization Of An Envelope Protein (VP13A) Of White Spot Syndrome Virus And The Research Into The Interaction Between Envelope Proteins (VP31 And VP33) And Host Cells
15. Biological And Molecular Characterization Of Two Potato Virus Y Isolates
16. Cloning, Comparative Analysis And Chromosomal Localization Of Telomere Associated Sequences In Soybean
17. Cloning And Functional Analysis Of The Effectors Containing LXAR Motif And Molecular Markers Of Avirulence Genes Of Magnaporthe Oryzae
18. OsERF3 Plays A Role In Drought Response Through Negative Regulation Of Ethylene Biosynthesis In Rice
19. Enhancement Of A Plasmid DNA Vaccine By Incorporating Immunostimulatory Motifs
20. Analysis Of The Molecular Motif For Inducing Response To Ethylene And Jasmonic Acid In Pib Promoter Via Rice Transformation
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