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1. Studies On Photosynthetic Properties Of Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca L.) And Nectarine(Prunus Persica Var. Nectarina Maxim) To Greenhouse And Field Grown Conditions
2. Studies On The Characteristics Of Photosynthesis In Sweet Pepper(C.frutescens L.var.grossum Bailey) And Eggplant (Solanum Melongena L.)
3. Delaying Leaf-senescence Via PPF1 Gene Transformation And Characterization Of Several Mutants Related To Reproduce In Rice
4. Studies On Physiological Ecology, Nitrogen Fixation Activities And Nodule Endophytes Of Red Alder
5. Effects Of N Management On Photosynthetic Character And Fertilizer-N Use Efficiency Of Rice In Cold Area Of China
6. Study On The Ecological Adaptability And Cold Resistance Of Tree Peony In Northeast China
7. Eco-physiological Mechanism Of 4 Varieties Of Alnus Cremastogyne Burkill Seedlings
8. Virus Carrier Induced Post-transcriptional Gene Silencing System To Create And Tobacco (nicotiana Benthamiana Plants) Promoter Rbcs Gene Function Studies
9. Photosynthetic Characteristic Studies Of Main Pumelo (Citrus Grandis Osbeck) Varieties
10. Cmparision Of Physiologic And Biochemical Characteristics Between The Three Timber Laxtex Clones And RRIM 600
11. Study On Photosynthesis, Transpiration And Drought Resistance Of Poplar Clones
12. Study On The Photosynthetic Characteristics Of Dahurian Larch (Larix Gmelinii) In Natural Young Growth Stands
13. Study On Photosynthetic Characteristics Of Three Young Plums (Prunus)
14. Studies On Photosynthetic Characters Of Young Trees Of Litchi
15. Studies On Hydraulic Architecture And Characteristics Of Water Eco-physiology In Northern Urban Greening Tree Species
16. Studies On The Photosynthetic Characteristics Of Several Nonheading Chinese Cabbage Materials
17. Studies On Effect And Mechanism Of Training And Pruning On Evergreen Fruit Trees
18. Photosynthetic Characteristics In Leaves Of Whangkeumbae And Yali
19. Study On Photosynthesis, Transpiration And Drought Tolerance Of The Seedlings Of Ten Provenances Of Chinese Pine (Pinus Tabulaeformis Carr.)
20. Drought Resistance Identification And Drought Resistance Index Selection Of Melilotoides Ruthenica
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