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1. Studies On Greenhouse Gas Nitrous Oxide Emission And Its Mitigation From Vegetable Field
2. Study On Regulation Rules Of A Nitrification Inhibitor, Dicyandiamide (DCD) On Fertilizer Nitrogen Losses From A Greenhouse Vegetable Soil
3. Studies On Mechanism And Mitigation Of Nitrate Leaching In Vegetable Ecosystem In Suburbs Of Wuhan
4. The Effect Of The New Type Of Nitrification Inhibitor DMPP And BASF Compound Fertilizer On Yield Of Different Crops
5. Study On Vegetable Nitrate Pollution Control By Nitrogen Feretilizer With Nitrification Inhibitor DMPP And Nitrate Quick Determination Techniques
6. Effects Of Rare Earth Element, Micronutrient Fertilizers And Nitrification Inhibitors On Nitrate, Nitrite Contents And Other Qualities In Leaf Vegetable
7. Studying On The Agricultural Effect Of Nitrification Inhibitors
8. Characters Of Nitrogen Nutrition In Ground Cover Rice Production System
9. Effects Of Nitrification Inhibitor DMPP On Soil Nitrate Leaching And Vegetable Production
10. Effect Of Crop Straws Applied With Nitrification Inhibitors On Nitrogen Mineralization And Metallic Activity In Red Soils
11. Effect Of Nitrification Inhibitor And Combination On Vegetable Nitrate Accumulation
12. Effects Of Urease/Nitrification Inhibitors On Soil Nitrogen Transformation And Nitrogen Use Efficiency Of Wheat
13. Study On The Making Of Fly Ash Slow Release Fertilizer And Its Effects On Crop Growth
14. New Nitrification Inhibitor Dmp-d
15. Effect Of Different NIs On Soil Nitrification Inhinitation And Its Microbial Mechanisms
16. Nitrification In Greenhouse Vegetable Soils And Corresponding Microbial Mechanisms
17. The Slow- Release Effect Of Dual Control Agent On Urea And Nitrogen Transformation In Soil
18. The Effect Of Fertilization, Nitrification Inhibitor And Temperature On N2O Emissions In Cropland Soils And Its Associated Microbes
19. Influences Of Moisture And Temperature On Soil Nitrogen Transformation And N2O Emission And Guiding Significance On Regulating Measures In Subtropical And Tropical Regions
20. Effects Of Nitrification Inhibitor On The Transformation Of Urea And Greenhouse Gas Emission In Vegetable Field
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