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1. The Influence On Natural Rainfall-infiltration-runoff Under Different Underlayer Surface Condition In Farmland Of Loess Hilly Areas
2. Influence And Modeling Of Irrigation Schedule On Soil Solute Transport
3. Development Of Transfer Function Model And Numerical Prediction On Nitrate-Nitrogen Leaching Risk At Field Scale
4. Numerical Simulation Of Atrazine Transport In Soils Under Drip Irrigation And At Field Scale
5. Research On The Dynamic Behavior Of Soil Based On Mesocopic Simulation By Distinct Distinct Element Method
6. Numerical Simulation Of The Adhesion Interface System Between Soil And Bulldozing Plate
7. Study On Water Distribution Uniformity Of Sprinkler System
8. Carrying Capacity Assessment & Key Ecological Process Of Cage Aquaculture In Shallow Sea
9. Study On Numerical Simulation Of Dynamic Response Of Circular Aquaculture Cages In Constant Flow
10. A Numerical Simulation Study Of Abnormal Meiyu In Yangtze-Huaihe Region And The Data Assimilation Of Soil Moisture On Its Improvement
11. Study On Throwing/Blowing Mechanism And Optimizing Parameters Of An Impeller Blower
12. Coupling Bionics For Functional Surface Of Drag And Noise Reduction Based On Pigeon Body Surface
13. Theoretical And Experimental Study On The Fluidic Sprinkler Controlled By Clearance
14. Hydrodynamics And Numerical Simulation Of Artificial Reefs
15. Research On Soil Water Movement Of Conservation Tillage
16. Theory And Precise Sprinkling Irrigation For The Complete Fluidic Sprinkler
17. Study On Aerodynamic Performance Of Axial-flow Impeller For Axial-flow Pneumatic Extinguisher
18. Experimental Research And Numerical Simulating Approaches On Internal Flow Fields Of Micro Channel In Micro-irrigation Emitter
19. A Study Of Soil Moisture Simulation And Estimation
20. Experimental Research And Numerical Simulation Of The Soil Moisture Infiltration Property Under The Condition Of Non-sufficient Water Supply
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