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1. Molecular Cloning, Analysis And Expression Of Olfactory Genes Of Heliothis Viripla Ca And Leguminivora Glycinivorella
2. Olfactory Genes Of Two Important Rice Insect Pests,Cnaphalocrocis Medinalis And Chilo Suppressalis
3. Effects Of Antennal Sensilla On Locomotory Responses Of Three Stored-Product Pests And Chemosensory Gene Families Of Rhyzopertha Dominica (Coleoptera:Bostrichidae)
4. Molecular Cloning And Quantitative Analysis And Expression Of Olfactory Genes Of Agrotis C-nigrum
5. Identification And Functional Analysis Ofthe Olfactory Genes In Holotrichia Parallela(Coleoptera: Melolonthidae)
6. Molecular And Functional Characterization Of Olfactory Genes In Helicoverpa Armigera,Chrysopa Pallens Andchrysopaperla Sinica
7. Behavioral Responses Of Agrilus Mali To Hostplant Volatiles And Function Of Related Olfactory Genes
8. Identification And Expression Of Olfactory Genes In Hyphantria Cunea (Drury)
9. Antennal Transcriptome Analysis And Bioinformatics Analysis Of Olfactory Genes In The Drosicha Corpulenta
10. Differential Expression Of Olfactory Genes From Batocera Horsfieldi(Hope) Adult Made On Host Plant And Its Semiochemicals In Host
11. Functional Analysis Of Related Olfactory Genes In Oriental Fruit Moth,grapholita Molesta Busck
12. The Research Of Trapping Techniques And Antennal Transcriptome On Olfactory Genes In Drosophila Suzukii Matsumura
13. Expression Pattern Of Olfactory Relative Genes And Functional Analysis Of MsepOR13in Mythimna Separata (Walker)
14. Olfactory Genes Screening And Function Analysis Of Pheromone Binding Proteins Of Eogystia Hippophaecolus(Lepidoptera:Cossidae)
15. Identification Of Olfactory Genes And Functional Characterization Of Odorant Receptor In Bactrocera Minax(Diptera:Tepthritidae)
16. Identification And Expression Of Olfactory Genes And Trapping Protocols Of Pheromone In Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus(olivier)
17. Study On The Life Habit And Host Location Mechanism Of Otidognathus Sp.
18. Preference For Feeding Plants And Analysis Of Different Expression Of Olfactory Genes Of Batocera Lineolata
19. Identification And Expression Profile Analysis Of Olfactory Genes In Anoplophora Chinensis (Forster)
20. Olfactory Genes Expression And OBPs Function In Dendroctonus Valens LeConte
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