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1. Study On The Framework System Of Digital Agriculture And The Model Construction Of Field Patch
2. Effects Of Lanthanides On Potassium Channels In Guard Cells And Mesophyll Cells And On Stomatal And Transpiration Regulation
3. Development And Evaluation Of Forecasting Model For Brown Patch On Creeping Bentgrass
4. Study On The Infrastructure Of Scenic-recreational Forest In Mid-subtropics And Lower Subtropics Of Fujian Province
5. Root Diseases Of Turf-Grasses In Transitional Zone Of China
6. Economic Foraging Decisions: The Behavioral Response Of The Parasitoid, Venturia Canescens
7. Identification And Chemical Control Of Brown Patch' Pathogeny Of Turfgrasses
8. Studies On The Resistance Of Endophyte Fungus Of Tall Fescue To Brown Patch
9. A Study On Forest Landscape Classification And Planning For The Natural Forest Areas In The Northeast Of China
10. Study On Foraging Behaviour Of Grazing Animal (Cattle) At Plant Individual And Patch Levels
11. Preliminary Study On Characteristics Of K~+ Channel In Different Salt Tolerant Genotypes In Malus
12. The Analysis Of Urban Forest Landscape In Hefei
13. Electrophysiological Characterization And Regulation Of Inward K~+ Channel In The Plasmamembrane Of Tobacco Root Cortex Cells
14. Landscape Pattern And Their Influence Factors Of Ground Bryophytes In Microscale Under Original Coniferous Forests, Eastern Of Tibet Plateau
15. Fluxes Of H~+, K~+ And Na~+ In Salinised Poplar Cells And The Relevance To Salt Tolerance
16. Spatial Variation Of Plant Diversity Of Different Patch Following Environment Fragmentation On Leymus Chinensis Meadow Of Songnen Plain
17. Methodology Study On Ecological Appraisal Of Rural And Agricultural Ecology Design And Planning
18. The Primary Study On CO2 And CH4 Emission From Soil-Plant Systems Of 'Black Soil Patch' Degraded Alpine Meadow In The Source Area Of Yellow River
19. Evaluation Of The Resistance To Brown Patch Of The Species Of Turf-Type Tall Fescue And Analysis Of The Related-Proteins
20. Allelopathic Effects Of Ajuga Lupulina And Aconitum Pendulum Of 'Black Soil Patch' Degraded Alpine Meadow On Herding Grasses
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