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1. Study On Multi-scale Vegetation Spatial Patterns And Its Responses To Different Disturbances Of Hulunber Steppe
2. Research On Edge Effect And Coupling Mechanism Of Forest Landscape Patches
3. Approaches To The Diet Selection Behavior Of Grazing Sheep
4. The Study Based On GIS Of Forest Landscape Ecological Planning
5. Study On Mechanism Of Lactic Acid Bacteria Adhering To Mice Peyer's Patches
6. The Landscape Accessibility Research Based On GIS In Hefei City
7. Analysis On The Green Space Structure And Landscape Pattern In Jinchuan Economic-Tech Development Zone In Hohhot
8. A Study On Forest Patches' Feature And Pattern Optimization Of Chongqing City
9. Study On Characteristics Of Landscape Pattern Of Desert Grassland Artificial Grassland
10. Effects Of Soil Heterogeneity On Spatial Expansion In Two Clonal Grass Populations: Hierochloe Glabra And Leymus Chinensis
11. Soil Nutrient Dynamics And Forage Growth Properties Of Grassland Patches In The Compound Planting Mode Of Pleioblastus Amarus+Hemarthria Compressa
12. Research On The Remote Sensing Inversion And Spatial Distribution Of Soil Organic Carbon In Forest
13. The Study Of Mucosal Inductive Site (PPs) In Mucosa-associated Lymphoid Tissue In The Large Intestine Of Alxa Bactrian Camel
14. Ecological Effects And Dynamic Mechanisms Of Vegetation Patches In Alkali-saline Grassland Landscape On The Songnen Plains
15. Appraisal Of Carbon Storage In Urban Forest Patches And Its Distribution Pattern In Maanshan City
16. Horizontal Ecological Impacts Of Urban Constructed Bodies Or Patches On The Soil Respiration In The Adjacent Soil Of Green Space
17. Dynamics Of Microbial Biomass In Soil Organic Layer As Affected By Alpine Forest Gap
18. Effects Of Snow Patches On Litter Decomposition In The Alpine Forest
19. Analysis Of The Soil Moisture And Melica Przewalskyi Patches In The Degraded Alpine Grassland Of Qilian Mountains, China
20. Studies On Impacts Of Green Space In Wuhan On Heat Island Effect-Based On Living Vegetation
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