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1. Selecting And Molecular Biological Appraisal Of Sport Strains For Jinhua Pear
2. Agroecological Analysis And Simulation Model Of The Pear-Biogas-Pig Production Farming System
3. Studies On The Changes And Working Mechanism Of Calcium And Calmodulin During Flower Differentiation Of Pear (Pyrus Pyrifolia Nakai Cv. Huanghua)
4. Studies On Zinc, Zinc And Molybdenum, Zinc And Boron Nutritive Physiology Of Balsam Pear(Momordica Charantia)
5. Molecular Detection Of Main Korla Pear Viruses In Xinjiang
6. Studies On Mechanism Of Calcium Uptake By Pear Fruit And Its Transferring, Affecting Factors
7. Physiological And Biochemical Characteristics, Molecular Mechanism Of Self Incompatible Yali Pear And Its Self-compatible Mutations
8. Efect Of Salicylic Acid On Delaying Senescence Of Huang Kum Pear (Pyrus Pyrifolia Nakai)
9. Phylogenetic Analysis Of Pear And Huyou Based On SSR, AFLP And ITS Markers
10. Characteristics Of Pollen Germination, Tube Growth And The Expression Of Style S Gene In Pyrus Pyrifolia
11. Cloning Of Apple And Pear Of Ferritin Gene And Expressing Characteristics Of Bean Ferritin Gene In Transgenic Apple And Tomato Plants
12. Study On Regeneration In Vitro And Genetic Transformation Of Pear
13. Interaction Of Host-Pathogen On 'Ya' Pear Ring Rot Disease
14. The Relationship Of Salicylic Acid And Polyamines In The Process Of Growth And Development Of Pear Leave
15. Genetic Linkage Map Construction And Gene Localization Of Agronomic Traits In Pear(Pyrus L.)
16. Cloning And Expression Of Calmodulin And Aux/IAA In Developing Ovaries/fruitlets Of Pear And Citrus, And In Citrus Somatic Embryogenesis
17. Studies On Mechanism Of Fruit Growth And Development Of Different Ripening-Season Of Pears
18. Cloning Of Fruit Ripening Related Genes From Pear (Pyrus Pyrifolia Nakai) And Their Construction Of Rnai Vectors
19. A Study Of Coloring Process And Its Physiology In Red Chinese Sand Pears
20. Study On The Genetic Diversity Of Winterhardy Apple And Pear Germplasm Resources
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