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1. Molecular Characterization, Quantitative Analysis And Bacterial Expression Of Pheromone Reception Related Proteins In Spodoptera Exigua Hübner And Spodoptera Litura (Fabricius)
2. Cloning, Expression And Functional Analysis Of Olfactory Related Genes Of The Rice Borer
3. The Effect On Olfactory Of Diamondback Moth, Plutella Xylostella Of Polymines
4. RNAi Of Pheromone Binding Protein And Tissue Expression Survey Of Olfactory Receptor In Spodoptera Exigua Hübner
5. Expression Pattern And Prokaryotic Expression Of Pheromone Binding Protein 2 And Glutathione S-transferase Gene From Helicoverpa Assulta (Guenée)
6. Expressional Profile And Tissue Localization Of The Pheromone Binding Protein Ⅰ From Plutella Xylostella (PxPBPⅠ)
7. The Behavior Of Frankliniella Occodentalis To Host Volatiles And Cloning Of Its Antenna Odorant Binding Protein
8. Expression Dynamics Of Pheromone Binding Proteins And Expression Influences By Mating And Knockdown Of Cryl In Spodoptera Exigua
9. Ultrastructural Observations On Adult Antennal Sensilla And Cloninq Sequence Analysis Of A Pheromone Binding Protein Gene Of The Codling Moth, Cydia Pomonella (L.)
10. Studies On Some Aspects Of Sex Pheromone Communication Systems Of Spodoptera Exigua Hübner And Spodoptera Litura (Fabricius)
11. Cloning, Prokaryotic Expression And Functional Analysis Of Pheromone Binding Protein Relative Genes From The Oriental Fruit Moth, Grapholita Molesta (BUSCK)
12. Immunolocalization Of Lymantria Dispar Pheromone Binding Proteins And Their Key Sites Residues Involved In Interacting With Chemicals
13. Study On Cydia Pomonella Pheromone Binding Proteins And Screening Of Potentially Active Semiochemicals
14. Identification And Function Exploration Of Ionotropic Receptors And Pheromone Binding Protein In Locust
15. Tissue Specific Expression Profile Of The Pheromone Binding Protein Gene In Cydia Pomonella (L.)(CpomPBP2)
16. Identification Of Female Sex Pheromone,Cloning And Functional Analysis Of Binding Protein Genes In Orthaga Achatina (Butler)
17. Cloning And Immunolocalization Of The Pheromone Binding Protein 2 From Atrijuglans Hetaohei Y.
18. Functional Differentiation Of Pheromone-Binding Protein/General Odorant-Binding Protein In Spodoptera Exigua And Spodoptera Litura
19. Structure Characterization And Functional Differentiation Of Pheromone Binding Proteins In Cotton Worm Helicoverpa Armigera(Hbner)
20. Functional Study Of Pheromone Binding Proteins In Yellow Peach Moth Conogethes Punctiferalis(Guene)
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