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1. The Correlation Between ATPase And Salt Tolerance In Two Contrasting Poplar Species
2. Study On Some Physiological Activities Changes Of Rice Caryopsis
3. Studies On The Sprouting Characteristic And Physiological Biochemical Metabolism Of The Transgenic Anti-TrxS Gene Wheat
4. Effect Of Anti-transpirant To Postharvest Physiology And Quality Of Red Fuji Apple Under Normal Temperature
5. Study On Respiration Metabolism Of Three Species Of Ceratoides By Calorimetry
6. Experimental Studies On Different Dissolved Oxygen Levels And Exposure In Air Under Different Temperature In Sea Cucumber, Apostichopus Japonicus
7. Study On The Lethal Effect Of Sitobion Avenae (Fabricius) By High-temperature-short-time
8. Biological Activity Benzothiazole And Trans-2-hexenal Against Bradysia Odoriphaga(Diptera:Sciaridae)at Different Developmental Stages
9. Study On The Diapause Characteristics Of Helicoverpa Assulta
10. The Effect Of Different Weight Training On Blood Gas, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate And Performance Of Yili Horse
11. Attractiveness Of Carbon Dioxide To White Grub And Molecular Events
12. Effect Of Straw Ditch-buried On The Functional Diversity Of Soil Microbial Communities
13. Effects Of Thermal Environment And Individual Heat Sensitivity On Milk Production Performance And Physiological Stress Indicators Of Dairy Cows
14. Changes Of Grassland Community Structure And CO2 Exchange Characteristics Under Different Planting Years In Sanjiangyuan District
15. Effects Of Thermal Changes In Four Seasons On Physiological And Biochemical Indexes Of Perinatal Cows
16. Effects Mechanism Of Respiratory Metabolism On Taproot Growth In Sugar Beet (Beta Vulgaris L.)
17. Evaluations Of Thermal Comfort Status Based On The Body Temperature And Respiratory Rate Of Broilers
18. Influence Of Flies Activities On Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Cytokines, Production Performance Of Cow And Establishment Of Animal Model On Psychological Stress Of Anger
19. Effects Of Aircraft Canopy Spraying On Insect Diversity And Natural Enemy Dastarcus Helophoroide In Artificial Forest Of Pinus Massoniana
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