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1. Study On The Measuring Theory & Method Of Dielectric Characteristics For Unsaturated Soil
2. Study On Planting Salt-enduring Plants For Ameliorationg Soil Salinity
3. Studies On The Technology Models And Effects For Ecological Reconstruction In The Coast Area With Heavy Soil Salinity
4. Study Of Pufferfish Takifugu Fasciatus On Salinity Adaptability Under Cultural Conditions
5. Cloning And Functional Analysis Of Drought And Salinity Tolerance Of Soybean LEA Genes
6. Studies On Increasing Stress Resistance Of Potato By Genetic Engineering Of Betaine Aldehyde Dehydrogenase
7. Study On Physiological Response To Salinity Stress And Regulation Of Strawberry
8. The Studies On Function And Characterization Of APX And CAT Isoenzymes From Rice And Their Relationship With Salinity Stresses
9. Antioxidant Enzymes And Tolerance Of Chinese V Itis To Salinity
10. Study On Soil Ecological Characteristics Of Shelter Forest In Silting Coastal Area
11. The Molecular Responses Of Rice To Planthoppers Feeding And Dehydration Stress
12. Studies On Salinity Adaptability And Dietary Lipid Requirement In Juvenile Amur Sturgeon (Acipenser Schrenckii)
13. Microbial Biomass And Activity In Salt-Affected Soils Under Arid Conditions In The Hexi Corridor
14. Study On The Salinity Resistance And Resistance Gene Expression In Cotton Germplasm
15. Wheat Grain Yield And Quality Formation As Affected By Salinity Stress And Regulation Measures
16. Zinc-Finger Gene Expression And Salinity-Tolerance Protein Identification In Groundcover Chrysanthemum
17. Research Of Effects On Different Winter Wheat Cultivars Under Salinity Stress And Potassium Nutrition Alleviatory Mechanism
18. Expression Profiling Of High-salinity Stress Responses In Roots Of Tamarix Hispid And Cloning Of Related Genes
19. Study In Photosynthetic And Stress Ecophysiology Of Leymus Chinensis Along The Salinity-alkalinity Gradients On The Songnen Grassland In Northeastern China
20. Physiological Effects Of Ambient Salinity On Litopenaeus Vannamei And Nutrient Modulation
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