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1. Effects Of Larval Treatment With Low Lethal Insecticides On Chemical Communication Systems Of Lepidopteran Moths
2. Studies On The Growth Regulation Of Azadirachtin In Ostrinia Furnacalis (G.) And Spodoptera Litura (F.)
3. Studies On The Bio-ecological Characteristics Of Seabuckthorn Carpenter Moth: Holcocerus Hippophaecolus (Lepidoptera: Cossidae)
4. Extraction And Identification Of The Black Cutworm's Sex Pheromone And Correlative Studies On Its Biology
5. Study On Basic Of Biology And Applied Technology For Controlling Maruca Vitrata (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) By Sex Pheromone
6. Bio-ecological Characteristics And Ecological Mediation Techniques Of Boring Insects In Artemisia Ordosica Bushes
7. The Study Of The Extraction, Identification And Application Of Sex Pheromone Produced By Apolygus Lucorum
8. Studies On The Cold Hardening And Overwintering Regions Of Spodoptera Exigua In China
9. Ecological Control On Tea Insect Pests In Xiangfeng Tea Plantation
10. Studies On Control Techniques And Mechanisms By Entomophilic Nematode And Sex Pheromone For The Beet Armyworm, Spodopter Exigua
11. Preliminary Study On The Positively Taxis Of Anomala Corpulenta To Castor Bean And It's Female Sex Pheromone
12. Sex Pheromone Application On Tea Tussock Moth, Euprocti Spseudoconspersa (Strand) And New Non-pollution Control Technique System For Insect Pest Of Tea Garden
13. The Effects Of Bt Toxin (Cotton) On Sex Pheromone Communication System Of Helicoverpa Armigera (Hübner)
14. Studies On The Sex Pheromone For Atrijuglans Hetaohei Yang
15. Studies On Synthesis And Application Of Codling Moth's Sex Pheromone
16. Studies On Biology And Application Of Sex Pheromone Of Rondotia Menciana Moore
17. Study On Semiochemicals Of Two Kinds Of Lepidoptera Insect
18. Study On The Active Components And Chemical Structures Of The Sex Pheromone Of Clostera Anachoreta Fabricius, And Its Electrophysiological Response To Volatiles By Host-plant
19. The Polyphagous Character Of Spodoptera Exigua (Hübner) And The Evaluation Of Effect Of Different Monitoring And Controlling Techniques
20. Co-effect Of Rice Volatile And Sex Pheromone To The Striped Stem Borer, Chilo Suppressalis Walker
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