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1. Study On Genetic Variations Of Fatty Acids Profile And Its Characteristics Of Sheep Breeds
2. Study On Absorption Of Oligopeptides In The Small Intestine Of Sheep
3. Study On Genetic Diversity And Breeds Differentiation Of Tibet Sheep
4. Study On The Effect Of Active Immunization Against Somatostatin On Growth And Growth Hormone Gene Expression In Growing Hu-sheep
5. The Study Of Evaluation And Analysis Methods On Phylogenetic Relationships Among Sheep Populations
6. Studies On Roles Of Borax As Urease Inhibitor In Sheep
7. The Monitoring Of Placental And Cervical Ripening In Xiao Wei Han Sheep At Mid And Late Periods Of Gestation
8. Studies On Microorganism Detoxifying Castor Bean Meal And Effect Of Feeding Detoxified Castor Bean Meal On Sheep
9. The Epidemiology And Prophylaxis-Therapy Of Mycoplasma Ovipneumoniae Infection In Goats And Sheep
10. Genetic Analysis Of XinJiang Sheep By Microsatellites And Neuroendocrine Regulation Of Wool Growth
11. A Preliminary Study On The Knockout Myostatin And Knockin MAAT In Sheep Somatic Cells
12. Effects Of Dietary Copper Sources On Copper Metabolism And Cellulose Degradation In Sheep
13. Study On The Complete Genomic Sequence Of Jaagsiekte Sheep Retrovirus Strain Inner Mongolia
14. The Study Of Different Components Of Additive On Body Weight Gain, Digestion And Metabolism, And Rumen Digestion Of Ram
15. Identification And Genetic Research On Genes Related To Prolificacy Of Little-tailed Han Sheep
16. Effects Of Diets With Pectin-Feed Or In Different Processing Ways On Growing Performance, Rumen And Blood Metabolic Parameters Of Sheep
17. Study On Digestion Of Dietary Nutrients In Hindgut Of Sheep
18. Studies On Optimization Of Breeding Scheme For Superfine Merino Sheep
19. Study On Candidate Genes Of Fecundity And Gene Expression In Small Tailed Han Sheep
20. Study On Modelling Of Forage Grading Index Paramaters And Associative Effects In Mixed Forages
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