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1. The Study Of The Extraction, Identification And Application Of Sex Pheromone Produced By Apolygus Lucorum
2. Temporal And Spatial Distribution, Life Table Analysis And Population Simulation In Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-diir)(Heteroptera:Miridae)
3. Predation Of Apolygus Lucorum To Cotton Insect Pests And Its Molecular Detection
4. Studies On Antibiosis Of Different Cotton Varieties To Apolygus Lucorum(Meyer-Dur)
5. Identification Of Host Plant Semiochemicals And The Attraction For Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-Dür)
6. Bioactivity Of Benzoylphenylurea Insecticides Against Two Plant-bugs
7. Studies On The Diapause And Cold Tolerance Of The Overwintering Egg Of Apolygus Lucorum
8. Construction And Analysis Of Cotton SSH Library Induced By Sucking Stress Of The Apolygus Lucorum Meyer-Dür
9. Seasonal Migration Of Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-D(?)r) And Adelphocoris Suturalis Jakovlev (Hemiptera: Miridae) Among Host Plants And Their Predatory Natural Enemies
10. Effect Of Temperature, Photoperiod On Development, Mutiplialtion And Activities Of Some Digestive Enzymes On Different Host For Apolygus Lucorum
11. Effects Of Food Diversity On Population Growth, Physiological And Biochemical Of Apolygus Lucorum
12. The Resistance Monitoring And Mechanisms Of Common Insecticides In Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-Dür)
13. Exploration And Functional Analysis Of Odorant Degrading Enzymes Related Genes In Green Plant Bug,Apolygus Lucorum
14. Effect Of Temperature On The Toxicity Of Several Insecticides To Sitobion Avenae (Fabricius) And Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-Dür)and On The Enzyme Activity
15. Molecular Mechanisms Of Chemical Senses In Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-Diir)
16. Host Selection Mechanisms Of Apolygus Lucorum To Different Resistant Cotton Varieties(Lines)
17. Preliminary Study On Diapause Of Apolygus Lucorum And Adelphocoris Suturalis
18. Efficacy Of Systemic Insecticides Against The Green Plant Bug And Controlling Technique In The Transgenic Bt Cotton Field
19. The Behavior And Its Mechanisms Of Host Preference Of Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-Dur) To Mungbean Plants
20. Population Regulation Of Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-Dur)by Host Plant Flowers
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