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1. Carbon Storage And Balance In Chinese Fir Plantation Ecosystem
2. Effects And Evaluation Of Coating Properties Of Controlled-release Fertilizers On Nutrient Release Characteristics
3. The Study On Soil Respiration And CO2 Release Rate Of Litter Decomposition In Different Forestlands In Hilly Areas Of The Central Sichuan Basin
4. Release And Leaching Characteristics Of Controlled Release Fertilizer In Soilless Media And Its Effects On Flowers Growth
5. Effect Of Anti-transpirant To Postharvest Physiology And Quality Of Red Fuji Apple Under Normal Temperature
6. Fast Measurement For Nutrient Release Rate Of Slow/Controlled Release Fertilizers And Correlation With Nutrient Release Rate In Field Soils
7. Study On The Making Of Fly Ash Slow Release Fertilizer And Its Effects On Crop Growth
8. Effects Of Different Release Rate Of Rumen Modulators On In Vitro Fermentation Characteristics Of Subacute Rumen Acidosis
9. Experimental Study Of Influence Factors On Soil CO2Release Rate
10. Sex Pheromone Identification Of Chinese Pine Moth Dendrolimus Tabulaeformis And The Release Rates Of Pine Caterpillar Moths Pheromones From Dispensers
11. Experimental Research And Analysis On Simulation Of Logs Heap Combustion Based On Water Mist
12. Expressing Characteristics Waco Genes In Grapevine Vegetative Tissues And Over-Expression Of VVACO Genes In Tomato
13. Effect Of Different Tillage Methods On The Potassium Supply Capacity In Paddy Soil
14. Preparation Of Venenum Bufonis Sustained-release Formulations Forinjection Of Ducklings Hepatitis
15. Three Plants Leaf Litter Decomposition Characteristics Research In Tarim Basin
16. Evaluating The Rumen Protection Effect Of Three Kinds Of Rumen Protected Choline
17. Pharmaceutical Research On Two New Products For Dogs
18. Effects Of Different Blending Proportions And Soil Water Suction On Nutrient Release Characteristics Of Controlled Release Urea
19. Studies On Controlled Release Characteristics Of Sex Pheromone Components Of Dendrolimus Spp.(Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) From Microcapsule Dispensers
20. Effects Of AF-701 On The Growth Of Tomato
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