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21. Resistance Monitoring And Biochemical Mechanisms Of Chlorpyrifos Resistance In Apolygus Lucorum (Me Yer-D(U|")R)
22. Identification Of Odorant Binding Protein Genes In Apolygus Lucorum (Hemiptera: Miridae) And The Binding Specificity Analysis Of Odorant Binding Protein AlucOBP7
23. Effect Of Diet And Mating Status On Ovarian Development In An Omnivorous Bug Apolygus Lucorum(Hemiptera: Miridae)
24. Resistance Monitoirng And Simplied Control Technique In Apolygus Lucorum Meyer-dür Of Shangdong
25. Researches Of Arthropod Community Structure And Population Dynamics And Tropism Of Apolygus Lucorum Meyer-dur In Zizyphus Jujuba Mill. Cv.Dongzao Garden
26. Chemical Communication Mechanism Between Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-Dür) And Its Fall Host Plants Of Artemisia Spp.
27. Feeding Selection Of Apolygus Lucorum Meyer-D(?)r To Six Differet Host Plants
28. The Effects Of Plant Volatiles On Sexual Orientation And The Chemoreception Function Of Odorant Binding Protein AlucOBP8 Of Apolygus Lucorum(Hemiptera:Miridae)
29. Identification And Functional Characterization Of Thermoreceptor Genes In Apolygus Lucorum(Meyer-dür)
30. The Trapping Effect Of Sex Attractant And The Preparation Of Sexual Interference Microcapsules Of Apolygus Lucorum
31. Temperature Effect On Toxicity Of Insecticides To Apolygus Lucorum(meyer-dür) And The Related Mechanism On Detoxification Enzymes
32. Identificated Of AlHSP90 And AlHSC70 Genes In Apolygus Lucorum And The Expression In Response To Temperature And Pesiticide Stresses
33. Taxis Of Apolygus Lucorum And Helicoverpa Armigera To Volatiles From Herbivore-induced Plants Of Malvaceae
34. Resistance Evaluation Of Anti-piecing-sucking Pest Transgenic Cotton To Cotton Mirids
35. The Cloning And Functional Analysis Of AOX、ATF And DES Genes Of Apolygus Lucorum
36. Volatiles Locating Of Peristenus Spretus (Hymenoptera:Braconidae) To Apolygus Lucorum (Hemiptera:Miridae)
37. Identification Of Odorant Binding Proteins Genes In Apolygus Lucorum(Hemiptera: Miridae) And The Binding Specificity Analysis Of Odorant Binding Proteins AlucOBP13 And AlucOBP17
38. Effects Of Temperature, Photoperiod And Water On Diapause Regulation In Apolygus Lucorum Meyer-D(?)r
39. Gene Cloning And Functional Characterization Of Olfatory Receptors In Apolygus Lucorum And Adelphocoris Linedatus
40. Mechanisms Of Chlorpyrifos Resistance In Apolygus Lucorum
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