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21. Study On Soil Water Characteristic Curve Of Herbaceous Peat And Its Influencing Factors
22. Effects Of Maize Straw Returned Depths Onsoil Organic Carbon Fractions And Enzyme Activities
23. Application Technical Research Of Monochamus Alternatus High-efficiency Attractant
24. Screening And Application Techniques Of Controlled-release Fertilizers For Floating Tobacco Seedlings
25. Comparison Of Different Detection Methods For Nutrient Release Rate Of Slow/Controlled-Release Fertilizers
26. Research On Stem CO2 Release Rate And Water Use Efficiency In Pinus Elliottii Plation Of Degraded Red Soil Region
27. Effects Of Buried Straw Reactor On Eggplant Growth And Soil Microenvironment In Greenhouse
28. Effects Of Release Rate Of Sodium Butyric On Growth Performance And Gastrointestinal Development Of Pre-Weaning Calves
29. Dynamic Characteristics Of Nutrient Release And Prediction Of Release Rate And Longevity Of Controlled Release Fertilizer
30. Study On The Combustion Process And Thermokinetics Of Conifer Cones
31. Effects Of Release Rate Of Sodium Butyrate On Anti-Oxidative Function?Immune Function And Weaning Stress Of Calves
32. Efficient Utilization Mechanism Of Phosphorus For An Annual Reduced Phosphate Fertilizer Scheme In Wheat-maize Rotation System And Coated Controlled-release Phosphate Fertilizer
33. Effects Of Nutrient Release Characteristics Of Different Slow And Controlled Release Fertilizers And Controlled Release Fertilizers On Soil Nutrients And Muskmelon Growth In Hetao Irrigation Area
34. The Study On Reducing Chemical Fertilizer,Stable Yield And Increasing Efficiency Of Soybean Based On Zeolite Coated Fertilizer
35. Study On The Release Rate In Vitro And Quality Of Tilmicosin Microcapsules Granules
36. Study On The Release Rate In Vitro And Quality Of Florfenicol Microencapsulated Granules
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