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41. Effect Of Clothianidin Seed Treatment And Granular Application At Bud Stage On Sucking Pest In Cotton Field
42. Investigation On Grape Diseases And Pests And Prevention Of Main Diseases And Pests In Zhumadian
43. Insecticidal Effect Of Bt Toxin Cry51Aa1 To Apolygus Lucorum And Adelphocoris Suturalis
44. Binding Characteristics Of Four Antennal-specific Odorant Binding Proteins In Apolygus Lucorum(Hemiptera:Miridae)
45. Sublethal Effect Of Dinotefuran And Sulfoxaflor On The Mirid Bug Apolygus Lucorum (Meyer-dür)
46. The Potential Effects Of Six Bt Proteins On Apolygus Lucorum And Its Predatory And Parasitic Enemies
47. Identification, Expression And Functional Analysis Of Odorant Receptors In Green Plant Bug Apolygus Lucorum(Meyer-DüR)
48. Deorphanization Of 11 Antennae-Enriched Olfactory Receptors (ORs) In Green Mirid Bug,Apolygus Lucorum(Hemiptera:Miridae)
49. The Functional Of Phospholipase C And E75 In 20E Pathway Of Apolygus Lucorum
50. The Molecular Basis Of Terpene-mediated Cotton Induced Defense Against Apolygus Lucorum
51. Plant-mediated RNAi To Create A New Cotton Germplasm Resistant To Plant Bugs
52. Effects Of Different Light Conditions On Biological Characteristics Of Five Insect Species
53. Cloning,Sequencing And Functional Expression Of Apolygus Lucorum Sodium Channel
54. Establishment Of Dinotefuran Resistant Strain And Detoxifying Enzymes In Apolygus Lucorum Meyer-dür
55. Expression,Purification,Structure Prediction And Function Of 12 Odorant Binding Proteins In Apolygus Lucorum (Hemiptera:Miridae)
56. Studies On The Occurrence Rules And Green Control Techniques Of Apolygus Lucorum In Jujube Orchard In Jinzhong Region Of Shanxi Province
57. Effects And Mechanism Of Antiaphrodisiac Pheromone On The Mating Behavior Of Apolygus Lucorum
58. Functional Study On Close Range Recognition Of The Chemosensory Related Proteins In Legs Of The Apolygus Lucorum(Hemiptera: Miridae)
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