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1. MR Molecular Imaging Of Neonates With Hypoxic-ischemic Encephalpathy: Clinical And Basic Study
2. Molecular Imaging Of GFP-Expressing Transplanted Tumor In Vivo
3. The Fabrication Of ScFv-TAT-MION And Its MR Molecular Imaging In The Nude Mice Model Grafted With Human Prostatic Carcinoma
4. Experimental Study On The Molecular Imaging Of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor With PET/CT
5. The Expression Of TfR In Glioma And Its Construction And Identification Of Plasmid As A Report Gene In Molecular Imaging Of MR
6. Diffuse Optical Molecular Imaging For Small Animal Model
7. Construction Of SPIO Labeled Antisense Probe For C-erbB2 Oncogene And Magnetic Resonance Gene Imaging
8. Identification Of GEBP11 Targeting To Vasculature Of Gastric Cancer And Its Inhibition Of Angiogenesis
9. Experimental Study Of PSCA Specific MR Molecular Probe And Its In Vivo MRI In Nude Mice Model Grafted With Human PCa At 3.0 T
10. Study On The Fluorescence Imaging Of APP And Aβ Proteins Of Alzheimer's Disease With QDs-SA Quantum Dot
11. Molecular Imaging Of Mice Xenografted H22 Tumor With VEGFR2-Targeted Microbubbles And Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound
12. MR Molecualr Imaging Of Tumor Angiogenesis And Biological Effects Of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
13. Specifically Labeling Amyloid Plaques In Vivo At Early Stage Of Alzheimer's Disease In APP/PS1 Mice With Targeted Nano-iron Contrast Agent
14. The Imaging Observation Of The Inhibitory Effects Of Weianning Mixture On Orthotopic Transplantation Tumor Model Of Human Gastric Cancer And The Study Of Its Molecular Mechanism
15. Isolation And Culture Of Human Lymphatic Endothelial Cells And The Experiment Study On The Molecular Imaging For VEGF Receptor-3 Binding Peptide Targeting Lymphangiogenesisa In Mouse With Ovarian Cancer
16. Experimental Study On Relative Magnetic Properties And Molecular Imaging Of HSA-Dopamine-Fe3O4 Nanoparticles
17. A Novel Strategy To Tag Matrix Metalloproteinases-positive Cells For In Vivo Imaging Of Invasive And Metastatic Activity Of Tumor Cells
18. The Molecular Imaging Research Of HCC With Different Biological Behavior Using Micro-PET
19. Preparation Of Radionuclide Labeled Peptides K237 And The Experimental Study On Molecular Imaging And Targeting Therapy In Nude Mice Bearing Human Lung Cancer
20. Evaluation Of Innate Immune Molecules MIF And TLR5 As Monitoring Targets For Allograft Rejection
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