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1. The Original Research Of MR Immuno-imaging On Nude Mouse Bearing Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma By Using Two Step Pretargeting Strategy
2. Investigation On Gene Analysis And Biotin Molecular Probe Of Candida Spp.
3. Screening Of The Anti-inflammatory Peptides Against MD-2 And Research Of Their Depression On TLR4 Activation
4. Dextran-Coated Pfob Emulsion
5. The Experimental Research Of MR Target Imaging On Nude Mouse Bearing Human Colon Carcinoma By Pretargeting Strategy
6. Pathology And Mechanism Of The Disease In Hemorrhagic Fever With Renal Syndrome
7. Study On The Two-ligand Modified Chitosan Nanoparticles Actively Targeting To Malignant Liver Cells
8. Male Reproductive Toxicities Of Exposure To Carbamate And Pyrethroid Pesticides
9. Isolation, Identification And Functional Study Of Pathogenic Gene Of Mycobacterium
10. Study On Biotinylation Pullulan Derivation As Nano-drug Delivery Carrier
11. The Related Techniques Of Proteomic Research And Their Application In Normal Human Liver And Hepatocellular Carcinoma Analysis
12. The Study Of PLGA Nanospheres Surface Modified With Biotinylated Chitosan As The Antitumor Drug Delivery Carriers
13. Experimental Research On Molecular Mechanism Of Berberine On Enhancing Insulin Secretion And Improving Insulin Resistance
14. Studies On The Epileptogenesis Mechanism In The Rats With Disorder Of Cortical Developments And Clinical Treatment Of The Intractable Epilepsy Patients By Disorders Of Cortical Developments
15. Antigen Targeting To Different Dendritic Cell Subsets For The Induction Of Anti-Mycobacterial Immunity
16. Establishment Of Injury Model Of Goat Ischemic CST Projection Pathway And Function Of BMSCs In Repair Of Axonal Injury
17. The Molecular Mechanism Of Sini Tang Endotoxic Shock In Rat Brain Injury
18. Linoleic Acid And Poly Apple Acid Grafted Chitosan New Nano-carrier Materials Enhance The Anticancer Drug Efficacy
19. Multigene Metabolic Engineering Of HEK293 Cells Based On Biotin-inducible Expression System
20. Selection Of Adipocyte Specific Aptamer, Its Molecular Recognition And Initial Application
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