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1. Experimental Study On Preparation Of Oral Albendazole Nanoparticles And Its Organ Tissue Targets
2. Glucose Biosensor Enhanced By Nanoparticles
3. Researches On Vaccine Adjuvants For Anti-idiotypic Antibody Of Schistosomiasis
4. Synthesis Of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Gene Delivery System And Application To Gene Delivery In Vitro And In Vivo
5. Research Of A Novel Nanoparticulate Gene Carrier And Novel Fluorescent Nanoparticles
6. Study Of Anticancer Activity And Reversion Of Multidrug Resistance In Vitro By HCFU-SLN
7. Studies On Preparation And Biological Effects In Vitro Of Magnetic Fibroin/Chitosan Complex Microspheres As Vehicles For The Targeted Delivery Of 5-Fluorouracil
8. Detection Methods Based On Antigen/Antibody Interaction And Their Applications
9. Study On Nanoparticles Contrast Agent For Liver Targeting In The MRI
10. PBCA Nanoparticles-mediated HSV-TK/GCV Gene Therapy For Hepatocellular Carcinoma In Vitro
11. Experimental Study On Treatment Of Transplanted Liver Tumor With Galactosylated Human Serum Albumin Magnetic Nanoparticles Containing Adriamycin
12. The Application Of Growth Factor And Its Sustained Release System In Bone Tissue Engineering
13. Non-viral Liver-targeted Gene Delivery Using Chitosan-DNA PEI-DNA Nanoparticles In Vitro And In Vivo
14. Experimental Investigation On Mitomycin C-polybuty Lcyanoacrylate Magnetic Nanoparticles Of Magnetic Targeted Drugs Delivery System
15. The Experimental Study Of Inhibition On Angiogenesis In Walker-256 Hepatoma In Rats By VEGF Antisense Oligonucleotides Loaded Nanoparticles
16. Studies On Novel Piezoelectric Immunosensing Techniques For The Diagnosis Of Leukemia And Other Serious Diseases
17. Local Transfection Of Antisense Transforming Growth Factor-β1 Carried By Nanoparticles Inhibits Intimal Hyperplasia In Autogenous Vein Grafts In Rats
18. The Effect Of P27kip1 Gene Transfection Mediated By Nanoparticles On Nanoparticles On Neointimal Proliferation And Apoptosis In Autogenous Vein Grafts
19. Study On Brain Targeting Delivery Systems Of Antineoplastic Drug Raltitrexed
20. Studies On Tumor Targeting Of Stealth Nanoparticles Loading Recombinant Human Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
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