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1. To Study Prognosis Molecular Marker Of Prostate Cancer And Experimental Research Of The Effect Of Arsenic Trioxide On Prostate Cancer Cell Line PC-3 Growth
2. Expression Of NKX3.1 And PTEN Genes In Prostate Carcinoma Tissue And The Studies For PC3 Cell Line Transfected By NKX3.1
3. Research On The Role And The Clinical Significance Of Cyclooxygenase In Prostate Cancer
4. The Mechanisms Of The RECK Gene On The Development And Metastasis Of The Prostate Carcinoma
5. Study Of Preparation Of Antibody Against Human Prostate Stem Cell Antigen And Its Application On Diagnosis And Treatment In Prostate Carcinoma
6. RNAi Suppresses PC-1 Gene Expression In NIH3T3 And C4-2 Cells
7. The Expression And Significance Of DD3 Gene In The Prostate Carcinoma
8. Establishment Of Androgen-independent Human Prostate Cancer LNCaP Cell Model And Study On Molecular Alterations
9. The Study Of The Differentially Expressed Genes In Prostate Carcinoma And Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
10. The Clinical Study Of Endothelin-1 Expression In Prostate Cancer
11. Effects Of Transforming Growth Factor-β Signaling In Development And Progress Of Prostate Carcinoma
12. Screening And Identification Of Peptides Bound Specifically To Human Prostate Carcinoma Cells
13. Effect And Mechanism Of Triptolide On Mice Prostatic Carcinoma
14. Estrogen And Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators Inhibit Cell Proliferation In Prostate Carcinoma Cell Line PC3 Cells
15. Isolation And Identification Of Cancer Stem Cells In Prostate Carcinoma Du145 Cell Line And The Investigation Of Their Biological Properties And Associated Mechanisms
16. Erythropoietin And Erythropoietin Receptor In Human Prostate Carcinoma And Androgen-independent Transition Of LNCaP Cell Line Under Hypoxia Environment
17. Development Of Adoptive Transfer Of Lentivirus Mediated TGF-β Insensitive Tumor Specific CTL In A Xenograft System With Human Prostate Carcinoma Grown In Immunodeficient Mice
18. MicroRNAs Alterations Associated With The Prostate Cancer LNCaP Cell Progression To The Androgen-independence
19. Isolation Of Genes Associated With Bone Metastasis Of Human Prostate Carcinoma And Targeted Gene Repression By Antisense Gene Transfection
20. Expression Of Id1 In Human Prostate Cancer And Effects Of Id1 Inhibition On Prostate Cancer Cells In Vitro And In Vivo
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