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181. Oral Insulin Study Of Self-micro-emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems
182. .pdlla / Ga Experimental Study Of Inhibition Of Scar Formation After Glaucoma Filtration Surgery
183. Targeting Positioning Within The Cardiovascular Gene Delivery System - Containing Genes Bracket The Experimental Study
184. Chitosan Derivatives Grafted Nanoparticles For Oral Insulin Delivery And Tumor Targeting
185. Study The Toxic Effects Of Nanoparticles On Vascular Endothelial Cells
186. Linoleic Acid And Poly Apple Acid Grafted Chitosan New Nano-carrier Materials Enhance The Anticancer Drug Efficacy
187. Selective The Cholesteric Chitosan Derivatives Nano Drug Carriers
188. Release Thiolated Chitosan The Quaternary Ammonium Nanoparticles And Collagen Scaffold-based Gene Delivery Research
189. The Effect Of Carboxymethyl-chitosan On NF-κB Signalling Pathway In Rat Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes
190. Preparation And Properties Of Chitosan/β-GP Composite Membranes For Guided Bone Regeneration
191. Preparation And Bone Formation Activity Of RhBMP-2 Loaded Chitosan Nanospheres And Its Aitifical Bone
192. Study Of Daidzein On Osteoporosis And Its Sustained-release Chitosan Microspheres
193. Design And Evaluation Of Oral Insulin Delivery System Based On Phospholipid Complex
194. Polymer-modified Liposome And Its Intracellular Transport
195. Preparation And Evaluation Of Heparinized Chitosan/Soy Protein Composites As Anticoagulation Materials
196. Electrophoretic Deposition Of Biofunctional Macromoleculars On Titanium Implant Surface
197. Preparation Of Polymeric Liposome And Its Preliminary Application In Drug/gene Delivery System
198. Preparation And Evaluation Of Materials For Skin Tissue Repair From Bacterial Cellulose
199. Research Of Chitosan/β-glyceirn Sodium As An Embolism Materials For Arteriovenous Malformation
200. Culture And Difierentiation Liver Progenitor Cells Toward Hepatocytes In Vitro
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