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21. Experiment Study On Constructing Heart Valve Use Mesenchymal Stem Cells And Decellularized Porcine Valve By Tissue Engineering Approach
22. Anti-oxidative Injury To Ear By Nano-particles Loaded With Melatonin
23. Studies On The Antioxidative Properties Of Chitosan, Glucosamine And Thiazolidine Derivatives
24. Research On Nano-hydroxyapatite And Chitosan Composite For Hard Tissue Repair
25. The Preparation Of Bioadhesive Sustained-release Capsule Of Captopril And Its Evaluation In Vivo And In Vitro
26. The Study On The Application Of Chitosan In Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
27. Study Of Constructing The Bioactive Graded Coating On Titanium Implant Material
28. Phosphorylated Modification Of Chitosan For Biomimetic Synthesis Of Bone Regeneration Materials
29. An Experimental Study On The Treatment Of Sciatic Nerve Injury By Transplantation Of Genetically Modified NSCs Combined With Tissue-engineering Material
30. Preparation And Functional Properties Of Biomedical Materials Based On Chitosan And Alginate
31. Enchanced Mucosal Immune Efficacy Of Targeted Anti-caries DNA Vaccine
32. Adsorbent, Antibacterial, Antitumor Activities Of Polysaccharid Nanoparticles And Approach To The Mechanism
33. Construction Of Injectable Polylactide Cell Microcarriers/Chitosan Hydrogel Composite Scaffold
34. Experimental Studies On Breast Carcinoma's Gene Therapy Targeted By Chitosan Nanoparticles Mediated XIAP SiRNA
35. Modified Chitosan-Gelatin Networks And Their Application In Tissue Engineering
36. Research On Nano-sensing And Nano-delivery Techniques And Their Applications In Biomedicine
37. Experimental Study On The Biological Characteristics Of The Nature Hydroxyaptite/Chitosan
38. Study On Preparation Of Mucosal Nucleic Vaccine Of Helicobacter Pylori And Its Immunological Reaction
39. Study On Tissue Engineering Artificial Cartilage
40. Preliminary Studies Of Chitosan-Complement Regular Factors Nanoparticles Mixture In Vitro And In Vivo
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