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Keyword [Adaptation Theory]
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1. The Pragmatics Of Metadiscourse In Academic Lectures: An Adaptation-Relevance Approach
2. An Analytical Study Of The Application Of Adaptation Theory In Interpreting
3. Defense Speech Act In Chinese And English: A Pragmatic Contrastive Study Based On Modern Drama Corpora
4. Repair Strategies In Spontaneous Conversations: An Adaptation Theory Approach
5. The Study Of Pragmatic Failure-An Adaptation Approach
6. A Study Of The Pragmatic Vagueness In Advertising
7. A Pragmatic Analysis Of Persuasive Communication In Clothing Marketing
8. Pragmatic Analysis Of Irony: An Adaptation Approach
9. A Pragmatic Analysis Of Disagreement In Chinese Pedagogical Context
10. A New Understanding Of TE Based On Pragmatic Adaptation Theory
11. A Study Of Chinese-English Code-switching In Advertising Discourse
12. The Pragmatics Of Vague Language In Business Correspondence
13. Literary Translation In The Perspective Of Adaptation Theory
14. A Pragmatic Study On Deliberate Topic Change
15. Pragmatic Distance And Utterance Choices
16. Treatise On The Linguistic Phenomena In The Pubic Issues Of Chan School From The Pragmatic Perspective
17. A Study On Intercultural Communicative Competence From An Adaptation Perspective
18. On Dynamic Context Adaptation In Cultural Translation
19. On Interpretation Context From The Perspective Of Adaptation Theory
20. On How To Raise The Student's Pragmatic Awareness Through Reading Instruction Based On The Adaptation Theory
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