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1. Study On The Adverbs In Zhuzi's Language Category
2. A Study On The Acquisition Of Chinese Modal Adverbs By Foreign Students
3. A Study On The Combination Of Degree Adverb In Mandarin Chinese
4. A Study On The Restrictive Adverb In Mandarin Chinese
5. A Study On "Hai" And "Geng"
6. Study On Adverb "Hai" In Teaching Chinese To Korean
7. The Study Of Chinese Expression Adverbs In The Middle Ancient Times
8. The Subjectification Process Of Chinese Adverbs
9. A Research On The Adverbs In Sanyan
10. Function And Cognition Of Modern Chinese Adverb "Ye"
11. The Study Of Degree Category And Its Expressions In Modern Chinese
12. Topics On Modal Adverbs In Pre-Qin Chinese
13. The Study On Adverb, Adjective, Noun Adverbials In Trisyllable
14. Ming And Qing Shandong Dialect Adverbs Study
15. "monks" Time Adverbs
16. Haimen Dialect Syntax Research
17. Han Han Rhetorical Adverb Comparative Study
18. Chinese And Korean Adverbs Of Frequency Contrast
19. Study Of The Vocabulary Of The Chinese Side-by-side Two-tone Adverb Of Time And Related Issues
20. A Study On Temporal Adverbs Of Modern Mandarin Chinese
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