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1. A Study On The Chinese Learning Strategies Of Medium-level Japanese, Korean Students And European, American Students
2. Diaphonic Repetition In Telephone Conversation: A Contrastive Study Between Chinese And American Students
3. Conversation Analysis Of American Students In Chinese Language Class
4. The Patterns Of Thematic Progression A Comparative Study Of Its Features In Chinese And American College Students' Compositions
5. A Study Of Pragmatics: The Strategies Used By Chinese And American Students In The Performance Of Refusal Speech Act
6. A Contrastive Study Of The Strategies Used By Chinese EFL Students And American Students In The Performance Of Refusal
7. A Contrastive Study Of Rhetorical Structures In English Public Speeches By Chinese And American Students
8. A Study On The European And American Students' Cultural Schemata Construction Of Main Confucian Values
9. Character Learning Strategies And Teaching Methods Research Of Euro-American Students In Primary Stage
10. Study On The Grammar Exercise Types In Integrated Chinese Teaching Materials For American Students At The Elementary And Intermediate Levels
11. The Research On The Development Of Oral Fluency Of Chinese As A Second Language Of European & American Students
12. Survey And Research On Chinese Character Learning Strategies Of American Students In The Initial Stage
13. Study On Strategies Of Refusal Speech Act Used By Chinese And American Students
14. Discussion On The Chinese Vocabulary Teaching In Chinese Schools At San Francisco Area
15. Synonym Discrimination Of Teaching Chinese To American Students With Entry And Intermediate Level
16. Study On The Chinese/English Address Forms Based On The European/American Students
17. A Study Of Euro-American Students' Cross-cultural Awareness In Learning Chinese Vocabulary
18. Study Of The Similarities And Differences Between Chinese And American Students In Taking Strategies For Apologies
19. A Comparative Study Of Address Terms From An Intercultural Perspective: A Case Study Of Chinese And American Graduate Students
20. A Study Of Instructional Design Of Chinese Characters For European And American Students
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