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1. On The Exploitation In BaShu Area During Han Dynasty To Tang Dynasty
2. Modern Sichuan Writers And Regional Culture Of Bashu
3. Local Culture" And "World Culture
4. The Weapons Of The Late Bashu Cultrue
5. The Research On Sichuan Modern Prose
6. Inverstigation And Study Of The Remains Of Huang Ting-jian In Bashu Area
7. The Modern Rural Novel By Sichuan Writer Group
8. A Study Of Literati Travels In Ba-Shu In The Latter Of Tang Dynasty
9. Study On The Carrying Worker's Culture Of Bashu
10. The Research Of Yuan Zhen's Arrival In Ba Shu And His Poems In That Period
11. Refined Quiet Vs Glamor
12. The Li Jieren Who Mingles The Chinese Literature With Western Literature
13. Study On The System Of Buried Weapons In The Late Bashu Culture Burials
14. The Research Of Li Shang Yin's Arrival In Ba Shu And His Literary Works And In That Period
15. The Nationgal Policy Of Qin During The Warring States Period
16. Study On Luyou's Liquor Peoms Relevant To Bashu
17. The Development Of Novice English Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge Through Reflective Teaching A Case Study Of Two Novices In Bashu Middle School
18. Bashu Huguang Assembly Hall's Carving And Traditional Woodcut Comparison Of Formal Language
19. Inheritance And Innovation
20. A Comparative Study Of Bronze Swords In Wuyue Bronze Sword And Other Areas In The Spring And Autumn Period And Warring States Period
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