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1. Bilingualism Without "Bilingual Education"
2. Bilingual Corpora And The Improvement Of Translations Of Lexical Units In Chinese-English Dictionary Compilation
3. A Study On Issues And Challenges Of Hinese Curriculum And Its Review Strategies Under Education Streaming In Singapore
4. The Brain Mechanism Underlying Lexical Representation And Processing In Chinese-English Bilinguals
5. Exploration And Analysis Of Chinese Bilingual Education In The Cultural Perspective
6. Bilingualism And Social Development In Xinjiang
7. Holding And Excelling
8. Parallel Processing On Parallel Corpus Of Chinese-English
9. Exploring Anisomorphism Between English & Chinese In Translation: A Lexicographic Approach
10. A Study On Bilingual Dictionaries And Translation
11. An ERP Study On The Chinese And English Word Process Of The Chinese-English Bilingual
12. English-Chinese Bilingual Phrasal Alignment
13. Several Aspects Of Editing Bilingual Dictionaries Based On Editing Chinese-Turkmen Dictionary
14. The Organization And Activation Process Of Bilingual Phonological Representations: Evidence From Chinese-English Bilinguals
15. The History Of Singapore Bilingual Education
16. A Study On Language Planning In Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR And Singapore And The Singapore Chinese Language Curriculum In Primary Schools
17. On The Korean And Chinese Bilingual Education And Language Use
18. Bilingual Syntactic Representation And Processing Of Chinese Bilinguals
19. Term Translation Pair Alignment Based On A Bilingual Parallel Corpus Of Chinese Historical Classics
20. Research On The Application Of Domain Ontology Into Criticism On English Translation Of Chinese Classics
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