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1. The Study On Qin And Han Tombs In Three Gorges Area
2. On The Early Stage Of The Qin Culture
3. Researches On The Burials Of Western Zhou Dynasty In The Region Of Fenghao
4. Researches On The Tombs Of Jin Dynasty
5. Emperor Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Issues Related To Research
6. East Qin And Han Period Traveling Buried
7. Tombs And Ancient Novels
8. Tang Dynasty Mausoleum Pei Zangmu Study
9. On Model Burial Objects From Han To Western Jin Dynasties In The Middle And Lower Reaches Of The Yellow River
10. The Research Of Death Customs In Dunhuang During Dang, Five And Early Song Dynasties
11. A Elementary Study On Ten States Period Burial
12. Studies On Burial Patterns Of The Ubaid-Culture Period Mesopotamia
13. A Research On Burial System Of Hongshan Culture And Relative Problems
14. The Initial Study Of Han Family Grave
15. The Analysis Of Cultural Factors Of Hanjin Grave In Xiajiang Area
16. Burial Customs Of Chinese Northern Bronze Culture In Inner Mongolia District During Eastern Zhou
17. "Bailu Plain" And The Folk Culture
18. Research On Joint Burial Urns Of The Prehistory In Haidai Region
19. A Research Into The Burial Tomb Figurines Of Sui And Tang Dynasties In Xi'an Region
20. A Study Of Secondary Joint Burial And Related Issues In Yangshao Culture
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