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1. The Development Study On Executive Function Of Different Grades And Different Academic Achievement Types Of The Childhood And Adolescence
2. A Research On Abstraction And Cognitive Flexibility In Preschoolers
3. An Experiment Investigation Of The Effect Of Personality And Emotion On Cognitive Flexibility
4. A Study Of Spoken English Teaching For Non--English Major Students Based On The Cognitive Flexibility Theory
5. Study On The Co-relationship Among Implicit Inferiority, Shyness, And Cognitive Flexibility Of Junior Middle School Students
6. The Impact Of Emotion On Sixth-grade Pupils' Cognitive Flexibility And Promoting Research
7. Research On The Influence Of Problem-Solving Of Different Cognitive Flexibility Freshman' Sphysics For Graphic Representation Mode And Visual-Spatial Ability
8. A Relationship Study On Cognitive Flexibility And School Adaption For The Freshmen
9. Relationship Between Cognitive Flexibility And Coping Strategies Of High School Students
10. The Influence Of Self - Loss On Children 's Cognitive Flexibility
11. The Influence Of Cognitive Flexibility And Emotion Stability On Solving Geometric Problems In The Second Year
12. Cognitive Flexibility, Working Memory Span Experimental Studies Of Speech Comprehension
13. Relationship Between Cognitive Flexibility And Career Decision-making Self-efficacy Of College Graduates
14. The Role Of Selective Attention In 3~4 Years Old Children's Rule Use
15. The Influence Of Positive Affect On Cognitive Flexibility In 3-to 5-year-olds
16. Relations Of Coping And Cognitive Flexibility To Mental Health In College Students
17. Research On The Application Of Cognitive Flexibility Theory To College Students’ Sustainable Speaking Ability
18. High School Students Cognitive Flexibility And The Relationship Between Mental Health Research
19. The Research On The Relationships Between Executive Function And Practical Consciousness Of4~7Years Old Children
20. Association Of Creative Achievement With Cognitive Flexibility By A Combined Voxel-based Morphometry And Resting-state Functional Connectivity Study
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