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Keyword [Comparative Analysis]
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1. On The Relationships Among Texts, Their Aesthetic Value And Historical Materials
2. Comparative Analysis Of Aesthetic Effects In Literary Translation
3. A Cognitive Study Of Metaphors Of Motion Verbs In English And Chinese
4. On Korean Students In The Process Of Language Acquisition Studies Directional Complements
5. A Comparative Analysis Of Euphemism In The Chinese And Italian Languages
6. A Historical View Of Translation An Empirical Study On The Chinese Versions Of The Declaration Of Independence
7. A Corpus-based Study Of Functions Of Discourse Markers In English And Chinese Fictional Discourse
8. Love Narrative Fiction In The New
9. Cognitive Studies Of The Visual Verb Syntax In English
10. Uyghur Language And Amis Language Features Comparative Analysis
11. Two Different Types Of The Neo-Realism Novels
12. A Comparative Analysis Of Women's Individualities And Circumstances From The Female Perspective——Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Café And Nothing In The Mirror
13. A Comparative Analysis Of Oral English Testing Among CET-SET, IELTS Oral, TOEFL TSE And Cambridge FCE Oral
14. A Comparative Study Of English And Chinese Euphemisms
15. On Terminology Translation In Economics
16. The Free Spirit In Huckfinn And Harrypotter
17. A Comparative Study Of Thematic Progression Patterns In English And Chinese Journalistic Texts
18. The Relationship Between "Blank" And "Repertoire" In Poem Translation--A Comparative Analysis Of Translations Of The Waste Land
19. Comparative Analysis Of Register And Genre In China Daily And Times Editorials
20. Linguistic Features Of Headlines In Hard News And Columns--A Comparative Analysis In The Framework Of Register Theory
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