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1. A Cognitive Study Of Military Terms
2. The Doorbells Of The Mind
3. Conceptual Blending And Non-patient Object Sentences In Chinese
4. An Exploration Of Contemporary Chinese Variations In Conceptual Blending
5. A Cognitive Analysis Of Translation Of The Conceptual Matephor
6. Cognitive Research, Special Negative Phenomena In Modern Chinese
7. Conceptual Blending And Computer Metaphor
8. Conceptual Blending As A Cognitive Means Of Meaning Construction In Jueju Text
9. Interpretation Of Metaphor From The Approaches Of Cognitive Linguistic And Dynamic Conceptual Semantic Theories
10. A Cognitive Study Of Computer Metaphor
11. The Meaning Construction Of Chinese Wisecrack And The Conceptual Integration Networks
12. An Integrated Cognitive Approach To Indirect Anaphora Resolution
13. A Functional Approach To Poetic Metaphor And Its Cognitive Motivation
14. A Study Of Humor From Perspectives Of Semantics And Pragmatics
15. Construction Of Metaphorical Meanings In Animal Terms
16. A Study Of Interactive Mechanisms Of The Components Of The "V+Adv" Construction
17. Humor And Conceptual Blending
18. Research On The Role Of Cultural Context In Verbal Humor Understanding
19. Translation Of Metaphoric Idioms
20. A Cognitive-Pragmatic Study Of Chinese Enigmatic Folk Similes
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