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Keyword [Cross-cultural pragmatic failure]
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1. A Study On Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure And ELT
2. Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure Analysis
3. Politeness Principle And The Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure
4. On The Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure Of Professional College Students
5. Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure In C/E Interpretation And Its Inspiration On Interpreter Training
6. Probing Into The Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failures From The Perspective Of The "Compensation Hypothesis"
7. About The Research In Causes And Countermeasures Of Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure
8. On Application Of Some Pragmatic Theories To Tourism Translation
9. Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure In Advertising Translation Between English And Chinese
10. A Study Of College Students' Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure And Countermeasures In Teaching
11. An Analysis Of Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure From The Perspective Of Relevance Theory
12. Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure And Its Implications For FLT
13. An Analysis Of The Causes Of Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure And Appropriate Strategies For Chinese-English Advertising Translation
14. On Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure: A Perspective Of Pragmeme Theory
15. Analysis Of Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure In Perspective Of Adaptation
16. Studies On Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure From The Perspective Of Linguistic Adaptation Theory
17. The Analysis Of Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure From The Perspective Of Expectancy Violation Theory
18. The Study Of Cultivating College Students' Pragmatic Competence In ELT From The Perspective Of Cultural Schema Theory
19. A Chronemics Analysis Of Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure
20. Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failures In The English Versions Of Public Signs And Translation Strategies
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