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1. A Study On The Developmental Characteristics Of Students' Emotional Memory
2. The Mechanism Of Self - Inhibition Of Negative Correlation Between The Object Level And The Response Level
3. The Effect Of Action Observation On Object Existence Effect In Object Operation
4. The Relationship Between Socialism And Social Health Of Tibetan College Students: A Study Of Intermediary And Regulating Mechanism
5. The Formation And Significance Of Light And Shadow Effect
6. The Spread And Evolution Of The Popular Songs In Ming And Qing Dynasties In
7. Faith Landscape And Geographical Identity
8. The Status Of Morality In Confucian Ideology
9. The Study Of The Common Practice Of The Scholar In Late-Stage Song Dynasty
10. The Theory And Essay On Chinese Modern Literature In Translation
11. A Study On Cognitive Characters And Affecting Factors In Bayesian Inference
12. Propositions Representation Item Exchanging Effect Of Language Expression In Chinese Sentence Comprehension
13. Art Achievement And Effect Of Chinese Traditional Opera Poem In Song Dynasty And Yuan Dynasty
14. On Culture Of Jiangnan And Literture In Tang Dynasty
15. An Experimental Research About Self-Esteem's Memory Effect
16. Priming Effect Of Semantic Categorization As The Displays Of The Prime And Probe Has Only One Target
17. The Event-Related Potentials Studies Of Item Memory And Source Memory For Pictures And Chinese Characters
18. An Investigation On Belief Bias Effects In Deductive Reasoning
19. Study On Attention Resource Effect Of Event-based Prospective Memory
20. The Study Of The Influence Of The Relationship Between Target And Distractors On Spatial Contextual Cueing Effect
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