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1. The Research Of Taiwan's Fine Brushwork Flower-and-Bird Paintings During The Years Of 1949 And 1980
2. The Future
3. "declared Body" And Flowers And Birds Of The Northern Song Court And Poetry Study
4. Pan Tianshou Bird And Flower Painting Art Research
5. Flowers And Birds Of The Origins Of Traditional Ink And The Quiet Edge Of Change Illustrates Micro-jue
6. Study On Diversified Aesthetic Orientation Of Flower-and-bird Painting
7. A Study Of Sun Long's Mo-Gu Ideal Flower-and-Bird Painting
8. Poetic Sentiment And Mood Of Chinese Paintings Of Flowers And Birds
9. An Explanation On The Flow Of Life In Chinese Flower-and-Bird Painting
10. Application Of Analogy Approaches In Flower And Bird Painting
11. The Study On The New Style Of Chinese Flower And Bird Painting At The Early Of The People's Republic Of China
12. The Evolution Of Two Song Flower-and-bird Painting And The Development Of Esthetics Ideal Condition
13. Freehand Brushwork In Traditional Chinese Painting In Fine Brushwork Flower-and-bird Painting
14. By Song Yuan Flower-and-bird Painting Tax "Color"
15. Song Dynasty's Fine Brushwork Flower-and-bird Painting's Aesthetic Features And Formal Language: It's Continuity And Separation From Contemporary Fine Works
16. Shallowly Discussed Two Song "the Courtyard Body" The Drawing And "the Painting Of A Scholar" Gives The Later Generation The Influence
17. The Effect Of Intellectual Gathering To The Palatial Flower-and-Bird Painting In Ming Dynasty (14~(th) Century)
18. Analysis Of The Contemporary Elaborate Flower And Bird Painting In The Comparison Between Chinese And Western Painting Composition
19. Discussing Of "Outside Meaning" Of The Flower And Bird Painting In The Song Dynasty
20. The Similarity And Peculiarity Between Yong Zheng Famille Rose Decoration With Flower-and-bird And Chinese Traditional Exquisite Brush Flower-and-bird Painting
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