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1. C-E Soft News Translation With A Functionalist Approach
2. A Study On English-Chinese Translation Of Business Textbook Based On Newark's Text Typology Theory
3. Translation Strategy On Expositive Composition By Skopostheory
4. English - Chinese Translation Practice Of Tourism English Textbooks
5. "Balance" (excerpt) Translation Report
6. Strategies For Translating Informative Texts
7. A Study On C-E Informative Texts Translation
8. Text Types And Translation Strategies
9. A Translation Project Report Of Cultural Chaos: Journalism, News And Power In A Globalised World (Chapter1)
10. A Translation Project Report Of Innovating EFL Teaching In Asia(chapter9and Chapter12)
11. A Translation Project Report Of How To Write A Business Plan (Chapters8-9)
12. Translation Project Report Of Financial Management For Nonprofit Organizations: Policies And Practices (Chapter3)
13. Translation Of Winning Debates And Translation Difficulties Are Reviewed
14. On Translation From Perspective Of Text Type Theory——Report On Translation Of The Excerpts Of Research Universities And The Future Of Amerit Ten Breakthrough Actions Vital To Our Nation’s Prosperity And Security
15. Hypotaxis And Parataxis In Translating Informative Texts
16. A Project Report On The Translation Of The Gross Value Of The Exports (Section One Of Chapter One In Part Ⅱ Of History Of Foreign Trade Of Guangxi)
17. On Translation Of Informative Text From The Contextual Perspective
18. The Translation Report Of How To Shop Safely Online
19. A Tentative Study On Translation Of Chinese Informative Text
20. On The E-C Translation Of Long Sentences In Informative Text
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